Kaeser Compressors is a leading manufacturer and global provider of quality compressed air and vacuum products, including portable and stationary rotary screw compressors with the highly efficient Sigma Profile™, lubricated and oil-less reciprocating compressors, Omega rotary lobe blowers, refrigerated and desiccant dryers, filters, SmartPipe™ aluminum compressed air piping, master controls and other clean air treatment products.

Kaeser’s complete line of compressed air products offers solutions from small applications to very large systems. Designed for heavy industrial environments, Kaeser products provide superior quality, reliability and energy efficiency.

A global service network provides installation, maintenance, repair, and system audits. An ENERGY STAR Partner, Kaeser is committed to helping industrial users increase compressed air system performance while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. In the course of helping many customers achieve better energy and production efficiencies, Kaeser has refined and improved comprehensive air audit techniques.

Compressed air products

Kaeser products support the power generation industry in a number of critical applications including: complete air systems for superior-quality instrument air; the latest technology in automation and controls for optimized air systems; as well as low pressure air needed for pneumatic conveying, bag houses, and wastewater aeration.

Kaeser rotary screw compressors are available from 3hp to 650hp with pressures up to 217psig. They are designed to use less energy and for long-life durability in heavy industrial environments.
Kaeser offers a wide variety of refrigerated and desiccant air dryers designed for superior drying, low energy consumption and low pressure drop. Hybrid (refrigerated / desiccant) dryers are also available.
Kaeser's rotary lobe blowers are well-suited for pneumatic conveying and wastewater aeration as they are low noise and feature high-efficiency motors and durable design. Packaged units with complete instrumentation and controls are available.
Kaeser designs and builds all-inclusive containerized systems for purchase or on a contract air-as-utility basis.
Kaeser's complete line of compressed air products includes vacuum pumps, portable compressors, master controls, clean air treatment products and more. Request an 'At a Glance' brochure to learn more.

Rotary screw air compressors

Kaeser’s rotary screw air compressors provide efficiency and reliability with the proprietary Sigma Profile airend. The larger, slower turning airends deliver more compressed air for the same drive power. The Sigma Controls on Kaeser compressors provide five different compressor control configurations and extensive capabilities for maintenance trending.

Positive displacement blowers

The durable design of Kaeser’s Omega positive displacement blowers include rigid casings, cast bearing supports, and one-piece tri-lobe rotors. Fully integrated Compak Plus™ packages are available to reduce design, installation and other lifecycle costs.

Combination air dryers

Hybritech combination air dryers are a great fit for power generation applications requiring instrument-grade air. These dryers combine the energy savings of a refrigerated dryer with the low dew points of a desiccant dryer.

Kaeser’s complete line of compressed air products includes:

  • Sigma Profile rotary screw compressors
  • Sigma Air Manager compressor controller
  • High-pressure boosters
  • Rotary screw vacuum pumps
  • CompaK Plus™ rotary lobe blower packages
  • Mobilair™ portable compressors
  • Refrigerated compressed air dryers
  • Desiccant dryers (heated and heatless)
  • Moisture separators and filters
  • Automatic condensate drains
  • SmartPipe modular compressed air piping

Compressed air system evaluations and compressed air audits

Kaeser provides compressed air solutions to meet the needs of each of its customers. With decades of experience in system design, special applications and energy audits, Kaeser’s team can meet unique requirements.

Kaeser’s no-cost, no-obligation compressed air system evaluation (Kaeser Energy Saving System [KESS]) estimates air system energy consumption and identifies areas for improvement. A comprehensive air demand analysis (ADA) adds data loggers to obtain a more detailed picture of system activity without interrupting daily operations. Kaeser engineers generate an in-depth report with the information collected during an ADA to show current and potential system activity and energy consumption.

Custom containerized compressed air systems

Kaeser also designs and builds custom containerized compressed air systems. Customers have the option to lease the air, in which case Kaeser will also monitor and maintain the system – guaranteeing air pressure and quality for the length of the contract.

Kaeser’s engineering services include:

  • Complete system design
  • Compressed air energy audits with ADA / KESS
  • Containerized compressed air systems / Sigma Air Utility