Kitron is a leading international electronic manufacturing services (EMS) supplier with operations in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, China and the US. Kitron’s manufacturing and related services are delivered to customers globally. The company has more than 20 years of experience with electronics for power technologies, and has earned excellent references from global partners.

Electronics for power technologies

Kitron’s energy segment consists of the following main product divisions: protection and control systems for HV transmission, high-voltage rectifier control units, high-voltage circuit breaker control units, electric vehicle charging solutions, smart grid / automatic meter reading systems, and power system relays for energy transmission and distribution.

The power sector will require significant technological development and commercialisation over the coming decades in order to meet goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as general demands for energy efficiency. This will require smarter solutions and more extensive surveillance of systems producing, transmitting and using energy.

Electronics is an important enabler for achieving the potentials that exist in this field. The high quality and wide range of Kitron’s expertise and services, as well as our local and regional presence, make us a well-qualified partner to help you succeed in the development and diffusion of new technology.

Kitron focuses on industrialisation, test and new product introduction.
We also carry out power device component sourcing and logistics.
We provide secure, flexible and sustainable contract manufacturing of electronic products.

Kitron offers services through the total contract manufacturing value chain, as outlined below.

Development services for electronic products

Until recently, Kitron had a large in-house design / development department, but made the strategic decision to outsource this part of the value chain. Kitron has established a network of highly qualified design / development partners in our local markets enabling us to offer the full scope of development services needed for our total customer portfolio.

Kitron focuses on industrialisation, test and new product introduction while outsourcing pure design / development tasks to our third-party development partners. The objective is to improve the complete offering to our customers by combining the strengths of Kitron with dedicated development environments.

Power device component sourcing and logistics

We are experienced at selecting suppliers and components globally for electronic products, and have a deep understanding of lifecycle analysis and regulatory requirements.

New product introduction and development for electronic products

At our modern product introduction (NPI) centres we work in partnership with customers who may have prints and documentation but need prototypes to validate the design. We find solutions to improve the product and to reduce lead-time and costs, before manufacturing starts.

Automatic assembly of electronic products

We offer automated assembly lines for PCBs, electronics, microelectronics, assembly and various system tests, system integration, repairs and upgrades, product marking, traceability and packing.

Electronic manufacturing, electromechanical assembly and high-level assembly

We use modern equipment for electronic manufacturing, electromechanical assembly and high-level assembly (HLA).

Secure, flexible and sustainable contract manufacture of electronic products

Our quality is ensured by the following certifications and compliances:

  • ISO 13485:2003
  • 21 CFR 820 QSR
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • AQAP 2120

We work in compliance with 5S, Lean, Six Sigma, PFMEA and Kaizen.

We have security and controls in place to safeguard customers’ intellectual property (IP) information. Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system enables efficient response, inventory management and capacity, with a high level of trust and symmetry between Kitron’s business model and that of the customer (schedule flexibility, mix / volume / complexity, etc.)

Our flexibility is a result of our experience handling fluctuating manufacturing volumes without normative levels. Ours is a culture of dedication to continuous improvement, and we are a solid long-term partner, committed to sustainable development.

Kitron has been working with energy-related businesses for many decades. Currently we are stepping up our activities in this field, which is experiencing significant growth.