Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technology, has combined the extensive fuel filtration expertise of its Racor and Velcon filtration divisions to develop and launch the new CLEANDiesel® product line in a joint marketing strategy.

The product line is an exclusive offering in the clean diesel market, delivering clean dry fuel solutions through bulk fuel filtration, filtered fuel transfer and fuel condition monitoring sensors. Parker will be showcasing a new generation of cutting-edge solutions for obtaining clean dry fuel through these CLEANDiesel filtration and condition monitoring innovations for power generation and other industrial applications.

Included in the launch are these core products:

  • CLEANDiesel integrated particulate monitor (IPM™) series represents the most up-to-date technology in solid particle contamination analysis. The IPM is a compact, permanently mounted laser-based particle detector module that provides a cost-effective solution to fluid management and contamination control in bulk fuel applications, coupling advanced condition monitoring with filtration, in a package that is on average up to 40% more cost-effective than its nearest competitor
  • CLEANDiesel filtration skid (DFS) is a comprehensive fuel contaminant control system that provides fuel conditioning to assure the consistent removal of abrasive particles and damaging water. Providing high-quality fuel to modern high-pressure common rail fuel injection systems, which is imperative to avoiding costly downtime and engine repair
  • CLEANDiesel FBO is a line of versatile housings with three filter options, ideally suited for bulk fuel storage and tank farms in a variety of power main grid or backup applications. An accompanying product is the filtration caddy portable unit, cost-effective field option, ideal for power generator units equipped with tanks where fuel is stored and may have degraded from water and other contamination. The FBO filters offered meet various requirements: a fuel filter/water separator, a silicone-treated filter and a water absorber (the fuel filter / water separator filter is recommended for fuel dispensing applications)

Parker’s Racor and Velcon filtration divisions bring high-quality products and several decades of experience in fuel filtration to the joint marketing strategy. The CLEANDiesel product line simplifies the customer experience by improving and measuring diesel fuel cleanliness.

Customers can expect the CLEANDiesel fuel filtration products to provide diesel fuel that meets the published cleanliness specifications required by engine OEMs such as Caterpillar and Cummins.

"The high-quality filtration properties of the CLEANDiesel products are essential to helping customers effectively operate the latest generation of diesel engines meeting the EPA Tier 4 emissions standards."

Parker Velcon product marketing manager, Lewis Wolfe said: "The high-quality filtration properties of the CLEANDiesel products are essential to helping customers effectively operate the latest generation of diesel engines meeting the EPA Tier 4 emissions standards."

To meet those high emission standards, the CLEANDiesel range of state-of-the-art, fuel condition monitoring products provide real-time monitoring and trending of contamination levels and particle counts. Data from CLEANDiesel sensors provide valuable fuel quality documentation in support of warranty claims, which can be done in real-time with immediate results.

Critical application generation set operators benefit from high-quality filtration and condition monitoring solutions that ensure the fuel quality necessary for optimum efficiency and reliability of today’s Tier 4 generation sets.

The CLEANDiesel product line draws from Parker’s extensive engineering expertise in filtration technology and innovation through two dedicated filtration divisions, Parker Racor and Parker Velcon, and includes experience with certified aviation bulk fuel filtration products. This makes Parker uniquely qualified to provide diesel fuel users with the same level of fuel cleanliness as that required for jet engines.

The collaboration between these filtration divisions provides the power generator market with a new level of certainty in improved uptime. A confidence in the reliability that comes from clean dry fuel obtained from just one source, Parker – CLEANDiesel products.

To learn more about Parker CLEANDiesel solutions, please contact Parker Hannifin or visit us in booths #707 and #2013 at Power Gen International.