Parker’s Global Energy Grid Tie Division has launched a new utility scale PV solar inverter with grid-friendly features. The 890GT-S outdoor central solar inverter is designed for utility-scale PV applications through 2MW.

A high-efficiency 1,000V design integrates proven IGBT power conversion with Parker’s groundbreaking two-phase refrigerant cooling technology. Multiple exterior access panels make installation and scheduled maintenance safe and easy, without requiring personnel entry. Operating modes include grid parallel (current mode) and island (voltage mode).

Fault ride-through logic for low voltage and grid frequency excursions ensures maximum uptime. Slew rate control for both real and reactive power make the 890GT-S grid-friendly and MPPT control ensures the maximum energy harvest, even during non-optimum days.

The Parker 890GT-S employs a unique modular design for ease of maintenance and service. Output power is handled by easily replaceable phase modules. Each module contains power semiconductors, long life film capacitors, and gate drive circuitry. The modules can be replaced in under 15min. Cooling and AC power connections are quick disconnect type with connections made as module is installed.

Capacitors are easily accessible and refrigerant-cooled output filters utilise a modular tray design for easy maintenance. The 890GT-S monitors more than 100 internal heat seeking sensors strategically placed on bus bars and power components, and reports any anomalies to its central monitoring system. Combined with data logging and high-speed communications over a choice of SCADA network formats, the 890GT-S offers an unparallelled level of condition monitoring.

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