The Racor Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, launched the GreenMAX fuel filter water separator offering the latest Aquabloc® media technology and patented engine return fuel heating system to genset owners and manufacturers.

The GreenMAX diesel fuel filter offers several unique features not currently available on traditional fuel pre-filters in the field, including an integrated priming pump option, to assure quick and easy filter priming with no splashing fuel mess. Also available is a unique hot engine return fuel recirculating valve system that keeps diesel engines running under full load in cold weather.

Parker Racor’s patented return fuel recirculating valve is thermostatically controlled to direct hot engine return fuel into the upstream side of the Greenmax, prior to the filtration stage. The hot engine return fuel is blended with incoming cold fuel flow from the fuel tank, providing optimum fuel temperature to prevent fuel waxing and improve engine performance.

When the fuel system temperature is stabilised for optimum fuel filtration and engine operation, the GreenMax engine return fuel recirculation valve automatically redirects the hot engine return fuel back to the fuel tank.

GreenMAX is designed with exceptional water-removing efficiencies for both bulk and emulsified water, very low restriction of fuel flow, and high dirt-holding capacity. The two-stage filtration begins with water coalescing on the surface of the specially treated Aquabloc media, where coalesced drops of water collect, merge, and fall into the clear collection bowl. Stage two is fuel polishing, where the engineered Aquabloc corrugated and pleated media removes microscopic particles of dirt and rust from the fuel stream. The GreenMax protects downstream filters from water and dirty fuel so they last much longer and continue to perform at peak filtration efficiency.

For extreme cold weather operation, the GreenMAX filter offers an optional electric bowl pre-heater to get your engine started, while the integrated return fuel heat valve provides super-fast heat to keep your engine going.

The GreenMAX fuel filter has dual inlet / outlet ports, a large clear bowl for instant visual fuel quality checks and works with fuel flow rates up to 150 gph.

A wide range of accessories are also available to customise the GreenMAX to specific equipment and operating environments; a clear bowl kit