SANBORN, a precision parts/component manufacturer for the energy, petrochemical and transportation industries, provides a wide range of machining and milling capabilities using standard, NC and CNC equipment and machining centers. The company also specializes in assembly and service of turbines and their accessories.

Its technical experts and skilled workers guarantee precise, high-quality and flexible products and services that provide customer satisfaction.

Some of its main activities are:

  • Repair and general overhaul of water, gas and steam turbines, including reblading
  • Field service and assembly of turbines and power-generation equipment
  • Manufacture of speciality fasteners (studs, nuts and screws) for mechanically and chemically demanding applications in steam-generation plants, electric power stations, and the chemical, transportation and construction industries
  • Renovation of friction (Babbitt) bearings by static and centrifugal casting methods
  • Manufacture of friction bearings from composition and white metals
  • Manufacture of custom parts from customers’ documentation
  • Vertical lathe machining of parts up to up to 4m (14ft) in diameter
  • Manufacture of ultra-filtration machinery and centrifuges for environmental cleanup applications
  • Welding of sub-assembly components

Manual, NC and CNC machining tools

A wide variety of machine tools allows production of a broad range of products and components. Custom manufacture of parts and components according to customers’ needs or standards is possible. SANBORN has a variety of manual, NC and CNC equipment to accomplish these tasks either horizontally or vertically, and can provide equipment with up to 4,000mm (13ft) diameters and 7,000mm (23ft) lengths.

SANBORN's manual, NC and CNC machining tools.
Speciality high-alloy or stainless-steel fasteners are produced by SANBORN.
Water, steam and gas turbine and pump repair is amongst the company's services.
Renovation of old friction bearing housings and recasting of new Babbitt and composite metals is performed statically or centrifugally.
SANBORN's ultra-filtration systems are used for liquidation and regeneration of oily waste water, cutting oils, emulsions and degreasing baths.

Speciality high-alloy or stainless-steel fasteners

Fasteners are made out of medium or high-alloy steels, stainless steels in CSN, DIN or ANSI standards for grades in categories 5.6-12.9, and in custom lengths according to the individual requirements of its customers and rolled diameters from M10 to 210mm. This can be done for UN, W, G, Rd and Tr threads.

SANBORN fasteners are used for the most demanding applications with temperatures between -50°C and +580°C and pressures to 30MPa. Zn, ZnPh, MnPh and Delta MKS fasteners can be made by our heat treatment and surface finish subcontractors.

Threads are either cold-rolled or cut as needed. Thread rolling up to 210mm provides high quality and superior strength. SANBORN uses domestic or imported steels to meet these demanding applications.

Among other specialty items made by SANBORN are bolt and nut combinations that, once installed, cannot be disassembled. These parts are used when welding or riveting is not possible, such as in broadcast towers, bridges and high-tension power-line towers.

Water, steam and gas turbine and pump repairs

SANBORN performs repairs of older water, steam and gas turbines and pumps up to 25MW. During repairs, modernization and upgrading can be carried out. SANBORN uses the latest technology and re-blades both rotors and stators. Spare parts and after-sales service are available.

Renovation of friction-bearing housings

Renovation of old friction bearing housings and recasting of new Babbitt and composite metals is performed statically or centrifugally. Bearings are machined to exact dimensions required by customers. SANBORN can also manufacture new bearings.

All bearings are ultrasound-tested to ensure that the metal composition adheres to the housing, in accordance with industry standards. Maximum dimensions of the housings are 2,000mm (78in) in diameter and 1,500mm (59in) in length.

Ultra-filtration systems

Ultra-filtration (UF) is used for liquidation and regeneration of oily waste water, cutting oils, emulsions and degreasing baths. The UF system works continuously and automatically. It is based on tubular membrane technology which mechanically separates liquids with different molecular sizes.

These devices are suitable for separation of permeate (water and detergent) from concentrate (oil and oily emulsion). SANBORN machines are custom-built to fit customers’ space and performance requirements. They are guaranteed to ensure customers’ satisfaction and compliance with local and national environmental laws and regulations.

Centrifuge service and overhaul

In addition, SANBORN also provides service and general overhauls of centrifuges of all sizes, makes and designs, such as BASKET, PEELER or PUSHER units. Modernization of control systems and upgrading of electrical or hydraulic components is also carried out.