The planned size of gas turbines as well as diesel engine power stations is constantly increasing, but the quality of the fuels used continues to decline – high time for a new separator model with a much higher throughput capacity. The new Westfalia Separator eagleclass, in addition to marine applications, is ideal for use in power generation both for gas turbine and diesel engine power stations. The OSE series is moving into entirely new performance classes with its main player OSE 120.

At present, there is evidence of a considerable increase in demand for larger diesel engine power stations. Whereas interest in recent years has tended to be concentrated in the range of 50MW to 80MW installed capacity, the trend is now clearly going in the direction of projects with between 100MW and 300MW. More powerful separators, such as the new OSE 120, are needed precisely for such high-performance applications.

Only the use of separators enables high-viscous heavy fuel oils to be used in power stations for generating power. However, the quality of these fuels is constantly deteriorating. This is a difficult task for the separator, which removes impurities such as water and solids from this heavy fuel oil.

In addition to providing higher efficiency, the technology in the new OSE series has also been improved to meet these changed requirements posed by the fuels which are becoming more and more complex. Thanks to its new features, the OSE 120 in particular is ideal for coping with the higher throughput capacities as well as with the poorer fuel qualities. The Westfalia Separator eagleclass is an enormous progression for diesel engine as well as gas turbine driven power stations.