GRZ Technologies is a Public Company funded in 2017 delivering hydrogen solutions. The company’s team consists of Dr. Noris Gallandat, Claudio Ruch and Professor Andreas Züttel. GRZ is engaged in Storage, Energy, Hydrogen, Methanation, H2, Hydrogen-to-Power, Metal Hydrides, Fuel Cell, Energy Storage, Compression, HRS, Hydrogen Refuelling Stations, Zero Emission, DASH, Clean Gensets, Engineering, Electrolysis, Decarbonize and Electrolyzer.

GRZ Technologies offers hydrogen-based power-to-power systems, long duration metal hydrides storage solutions, thermochemical hydrogen compressors as well as a modular methanation solutions. It offers two basic products a Hydrogen Compressor (HyCo) and an Advanced Gas Analysing System (AGAS). Both products are used in laboratories as well as quality control in industry.