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Energy Power and Price Prediction Software

Lyngsø Allé 3,
DK-2970 Hørsholm,

Lyngsø Allé 3,
DK-2970 Hørsholm,

ENFOR provides software and solutions for the energy industry, including products for wind power prediction, heat or power load prediction, optimal operation of district heating systems, and forecasting of energy prices.

In recent years the need for accurate and reliable forecasts has become a top priority for the energy sector. These forecasts are the basis for bidding, optimal scheduling, simulations, analysis, and many other operations.

Wind power prediction software

ENFOR’s Wind Power Prediction Tool (WPPT) can be used to generate short-term predictions of wind power production. WPPT is extremely flexible and can be configured to cover total wind power, the total wind power in a region, or the total wind power on a single wind farm.

WPPT wind power prediction software is built on artificial intelligence so it automatically calibrates to the observed situation. WPPT typically generates predictions of the wind power up to around 120 hours ahead. The software also provides reliable estimates of the uncertainty of the predictions, which is vital for optimal scheduling or trading.

Heat load forecasting and temperature control of district heating systems

ENFOR’s Prognosis and Energy Control System (PRESS) is designed for load forecasting, temperature control, and optimisation of district heating systems. PRESS can be used in many different ways; some installations use PRESS for online forecasts of the heat load, while others use it for automatic control of the supply temperature.

PRESS takes certain input data, such as the observed heat consumption, return temperature, ambient air temperature, wind speed, etc., and typically provides forecast of heat load up to around 120 hours ahead. It also determines the ideal supply temperature in order to ensure the most optimal situation.

Electricity load forecasting software

ENFOR’s LOADFOR electricity load forecasting software is used for predicting the load in power systems. LOADFOR delivers highly accurate predictions and, unlike most other systems, it can also deliver reliable estimates of the uncertainty of the predictions, which is necessary in order to achieve an optimal dispatch while maintaining a very low risk of power failure. LOADFOR is designed for short term and on-line predictions.

LOADFOR can automatically calibrate to the actual situation, taking into account changes in the user profiles, consumer behaviour around holiday periods, changes in the use of cooling, changes in the MET forecasts, and other factors.

Energy price prediction software

PRICEFOR energy price prediction software is an advanced and flexible system for predicting energy prices in deregulated markets.

PRICEFOR focuses on the spot market, and the horizon is up to 48 hours, but it can be changed according to requirements. PRICEFOR can predict prices for both down- and up-regulation.

Research carried out by ENFOR and the Technical University of Denmark has shown that the predictability of the spot price can be significantly improved by using wind power forecasts provided by WPPT as input for PRICEFOR.

PRICEFOR is designed for integration with WPPT, but other wind power prediction systems can also be used.

Solar power forecasting

The importance of solar power within the global energy production industry is increasing, and solar power forecasting is the key to successful integration of solar power into the existing electricity grid. The SOLARFOR solar power forecasting tool enables online prediction of solar power production.

SOLARFOR is one of the most accurate tools available for solar power forecasting. Its versatility means that it can be used for predicting solar power production in single solar power plants or in larger regions, for example a state or even an entire country.

Wind Power Protection Tool

WPPT is used by transmission system operators, utilities, balance responsibles, energy traders, and others. WPPT currently handles 25 GW of installed capacity worldwide.


Lyngsø Allé 3

DK-2970 Hørsholm