EMS is increasingly deploying systems, which relay continuous receiving water quality data to the web and enable the triggering of automatic samplers to capture the detail of events.

Sampling is triggered locally or via remote communication. With the addition of water quality sondes, flow and level monitoring equipment, monitors are triggered by parameters ranging from ammonia concentration to flow rate. Installations are re-programmed remotely and events are assessed remotely before decisions are made regarding sample analysis.

These solutions are eliminating the wasted costs of unnecessary site visits and standby as well as unnecessary analysis expenditure. They are addressing the health and safety issues of long hours and the frequency of crews, for example, entering manholes. The solutions are increasing knowledge and visibility and are helping guarantee capture of the right data. In years to come this will allow timely public notices regarding water quality and when it is safe to swim.

EMS assembles high-quality, mature technologies in their solutions; the novelty is often in the configuration but moreover in the benefits. Never before have end users been as knowledgeable, vigilant, engaged and prolific. As an industry we must show improvement from investment. Control and continuous monitoring present this opportunity.

Pete Skipworth, development director says: “We are in an increasingly environmentally aware world, and this gives us significant potential. The skills and experience at EMS are second to none in this field. This, our technology and the working relationships and reputation we already have within the sector mean we are well placed to service the industry.”