NeuCo, leading provider of power plant optimization software systems, has announced the site and date of its Spring 2011 Plant Optimization Tour. CPS Energy’s J.K. Spruce Station in San Antonio, TX, will be the power plant co-host for this educational event on 25 and 26 May 2011.

The upcoming Plant Optimization Tour will highlight J.K. Spruce Unit 1’s use of NeuCo’s CombustionOpt® system since 2002 to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and improve plant performance, as well as its recent addition of SootOpt® to improve unit efficiency and avoid the negative availability impacts of boiler over- and under-cleaning. The Tour will also provide a unique opportunity to see one of the newest coal-fired units in the nation (Spruce Unit 2) and to learn about the impact on existing unit operations. In addition, attendees will learn about the installation and benefits of unit performance and equipment health anomaly detection and diagnostic systems (PerformanceOpt® and MaintenanceOpt®) via presentations and discussions led by power plant users and the NeuCo product development team.

The J.K. Spruce event is the fourth in a series of NeuCo Plant Optimization Tours. The program was designed to showcase optimization software in action at a variety of generating units with the goal of educating the industry and spreading best practices among NeuCo’s customer community. It provides attendees with direct access to personnel from multiple power plants as well as NeuCo technical experts, and demonstrates how optimization technology works in the field and the benefits it provides.

Please note this event is by invitation only and space is limited. If you are a power industry professional or a NeuCo customer and would like to receive more information on the upcoming tour, please email us.

For complete tour details, visit our website.