NeuCo, the leading provider of power plant optimization software systems, has released its Spring 2011 OPTions Newsletter. Published quarterly for the NeuCo User Group, OPTions is a forum for NeuCo product updates, customer best practices and optimization and power industry trends.

The Spring 2011 issue of OPTions features the results of a Department of Energy Clean Coal Power Initiative project that was recently completed by NeuCo and NRG’s Limestone Generating Station in Jewett, Texas. It also highlights several power industry themes and trends, including an increased focus on power plant efficiency and shifts in NOx control programs. In addition, the newsletter provides details about an upcoming NeuCo Power Plant Optimization Tour at CPS Energy’s J.K. Spruce Plant in San Antonio, TX, profiles a long-term customer’s best practices for improving optimization software utilization, and provides product feature updates.

To download a copy of the newsletter, visit NeuCo’s news and events page at its website, or contact NeuCo.