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Automatic Control System Consulting for Power Plants

Oehlandt Energy (OE) supplies consulting services such as design, control, guidance, tuning / optimising and operator training for fully automated processes in industrial plants.


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control system consulting for power plantsOehlandt Energy (OE) supplies consulting services such as design, control, guidance, tuning / optimising and operator training for fully automated processes in industrial power plants.

The company specialises in bespoke solutions, including steam balance systems and power plant controls for effective bottleneck prevention.

Control system consulting services for the power industry

OE provides consultancy to the energy, pulp and paper plant industries, ensuring power facility controls are running efficiently. OE’s systems are integrated into the existing unit to allow for future upgrades.

OE has strong theoretical and practical experience, supporting power plant reliability and effectiveness.

Oehlandt Energy (OE) provides bespoke consulting solutions to optimise automatic control systems in power plants.
OE supplies consulting and testing services for control systems, ensuring all components are running efficiently.
The company provides the energy sector with steam balance systems to prevent bottlenecks during the production process.
A fully automatic steam temperature control solution is available to enable plant efficiency.
OE offers effective training in control systems used in power plant operations.

Steam balancing control systems for efficient power processes

Power plants are made up of several components, which feature standard controls provided by the manufacturer. OE ensures that entire power plant systems such as boilers, turbine reduction valves, and steam accumulators are functioning efficiently and safely.

All plant controls are tested to ensure operator interventions are not required.

Control solutions for evaporation plants

A typical pulp mill bottleneck originates from the evaporation plant. For example, liquid flow may be limited, which causes increased condensation.

OE optimises flow and tank balance controls (overall control) to enable smooth plant operation and main flow stabilisation.

Automatic soap extraction is provided to increase total flow / production.

Caustic control in pulp mills

The caustic control is often manually regulated and operator interventions are usually required, slowing down the plant’s process reaction rate. OE solves these problems by delivering an overall control and intelligent signal-handling concept.

Closed loop control circuit optimisation

OE improves the functioning of circuits to ensure connected systems are running effectively. Units are not replaced if they are considered to be in suitable condition and, instead, OE optimises the system according to the client’s individual plant requirements.

OE is able to add feed-forward signals or change the controller mode to stabilise the unit.

Typical circuits include boiler air, drum / condensate level, turbine extraction, steam temperature, and flue gas scrubber controls.

Operator training and water treatment consulting

To ensure operators and engineers are familiar with the latest system changes, OE provides training in Finnish, German, and English.

The company offers consulting in power plant water purification, with its senior treatment specialists providing acquisition and acceptance tests for energy customers.

Factory acceptance tests and tuning for plant start-up operations

All OE’s constructions are tested off-site or on-site using a factory acceptance procedure, which prevents any unexpected software disturbances during plant start-up.

OE carries out necessary tuning on start-up operations.

Acquisition and acceptance test consulting is available for power, pulp and paper applications. The company works with customers to ensure contracts include important details of the systems that require tests.

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