Optical Scientific (OSi) has announced that complete professional automated weather stations (AWS) are now available factory-direct from OSi.

OSi has been the leader in optical present weather/visibility sensor technology for over two decades, selling mainly to system integrators. Now customers have the option of buying the entire weather station direct from OSi.

The OSi weather station is a cost-effective, high-grade AWS, with present weather and visibility capability. Weather stations are built around the DSP-WIVIS and do not require a separate data acquisition system. The extra IO capability of the WIVIS allows other sensors to be integrated into the system.

The result is an advanced weather station at best value pricing. For battery or solar powered installations the OSi AWS is built around the low-power WIVIS.

The DSP-WIVIS and LP-WIVIS use patented environmentally adaptive algorithms, based on artificial intelligence technology derived from over 200 million field hours of real-world OSi sensor data. OSi’s sensors provide critical weather data to airport, highway, military, research and meteorological weather information systems worldwide at over 2,000 sites.