Optical Scientific (OSi) has announced the introduction of the OWI-650 / LP-WIVISTM, the world’s most advanced present weather/visibility sensor targeted for low power applications.

The LP-WIVIS is more than a sensor. It is a system. LP-WIVIS analog and serial inputs are available for interface to other sensors, and its low power requirements make it ideal for portable battery and solar-powered installations. A weather station built around the LP-WIVIS does not require a separate data acquisition system, as the LP-WIVIS serves as the data acquisition device. This results in a complete small-size weather station, with low power requirements and quick set up.

The LP-WIVIS is designed for military, hazmat and other weather sensor and station applications which require quick and easy deployment.

The LP-WIVIS uses patented environmentally-adaptive algorithms based on artificial intelligence technology, derived from over 200 million field hours of real-world data from OSi’s sensors. OSi’s optical sensors provide critical weather data to airport, highway, military, research and meteorological weather information systems at over 2,000 sites.