SICK Process Automation has a wide variety of technologies and products for emission and process monitoring. We offer complete process / automation solutions with:

  • Gas analysers and analyser systems
  • Dust concentration measuring devices
  • Liquid and water analysers
  • Data acquisition and evaluation computers
  • Flow measuring devices
  • Tunnel and traffic sensors
  • Special measuring technology for conductivity and torsion

We also have a competent and responsive service division.

SICK is involved in monitoring of compliance with regulatory limits on pollutant emissions at power plants, waste incinerators, industrial plants, steelworks and cement plants as well as in process management and optimisation. We are represented all over the world and offer a complete line of devices both for measurements directly in the gas channel and for extractive measurements.

Process automation solutions for power plants

SICK is a world market leader in analyser technology for power plants. Our technology is used worldwide by international power plant operators and power plant suppliers. With our broad product portfolio, you are sure to find suitable products for your applications. All of our products comply with legal requirements, including those of international authorities.

SICK Process Automation offers complete process / automation solutions and a wide variety of technologies for emission and process monitoring.
SICK is a world market leader in analyser technology for power plants including denitrification plants, exhaust gas desulphurisation plants, electrostatic filters and hose filters.
Our ultrasonic gas flow metering products offer high-precision gas flow measurement with no noticeable pressure loss through pipework internals.
High performance generators produce large amounts of heat, and therefore cooling gas monitoring is essential to improve efficiency and prolong generator life.

Denitrification plant

The company’s denitrification plant is designed for the measurement of nitrogen oxide and ammonia for the examination of catalyser efficiency and regulation of ammonia injection.

Exhaust gas desulphurisation plant

Sulphur dioxide measurement is used to calculate the required quantity of lime suspension and to determine plant efficiency.

Electrostatic filter and hose filter

Filter systems can be monitored through dust measurement using our proven technology. Products are also available for wet exhaust gas measurement.

Ultrasonic gas flow metering

Our ultrasonic gas flow metering products offer monitoring of gas transport by means of measurement without pressure loss. They are also used in custody transfer applications. Advantages of this technology include:

  • High-precision, calibratable gas flow measurement
  • No noticeable pressure loss through pipework internals
  • No wear of moving parts in the gas flow because measurement is performed on ultrasound basis
  • Easy integration into existing equipment through adaptable equipment design

Cooling gas monitoring in hydrogen cooled turbo generators

High performance generators or turbo generators are commonly used to generate power. A byproduct of this process is the generation of large amounts of heat which result from high speed turbine rotation. Therefore, an effective cooling system is essential to prevent overheating and to improve the efficiency of power generation and prolong generator life.

This analyser equipment can be supplied ready mounted on a mounting plate. If necessary, test gases, pressure reducers and solenoid valves can also be provided. A cabinet is not normally required because the environment is generally very clean.