Unitemp is a specialist supplier of electrical heating solutions for the automation and control fields. We manufacture a range of products, which includes heating elements, temperature sensors and complete heating solutions, as well as infrared technology.

With offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and distributors around South Africa, Unitemp is equipped with the knowledge to understand the unique, complex challenges and needs specific to the power industry in sub-Saharan Africa.

Portable measuring instruments

Unitemp provides a range of portable instruments for compressed air monitoring, measuring air quality (CO and CO2), air velocity, flue gas and emission, humidity and dew point, infrared, and leakage detection, as well as the following:

  • Light and sound
  • Multi-function
  • pH and water analysis
  • Pressure and refrigeration
  • Special instruments
  • Temperature

Flue gas analysers

An important consideration in the power generation industry is the topic of emission control, and efficiency control and adjustment. Processes involving combustion such as heat, electricity and hot steam generation; thermal gas treatment; waste incineration; surface treatment; burning; melting; and sintering, all require emissions control.

Unitemp’s range of portable instruments includes products for compressed air monitoring, and measuring air quality (CO and CO2) and air velocity.
Unitemp supplies a range of humidity and data loggers from testo.
The Gefran 600 high-performance, configurable temperature controller is widely used in the industry for processes involving transmitters and temperature sensors.
Unitemp offers temperature sensors, pressure transmitters and signal conditioners.
Unitemp has an officially authorised calibration laboratory for temperature and humidity measurement, and offers calibration certificates according to ISO 9001 / ISO 10012:2003 requirements.

Unitemp supplies a range of robust, reliable and accurate flue gas analysers by testo that monitor emissions, thereby allowing companies to improve on efficiency, whilst as the same time taking responsibility for the environment.

Humidity and temperature data loggers

Unitemp offers a selection of humidity and temperature data loggers, including the testo 175-H1, which is a two-channel humidity / temperature logger with internal sensors. The testo 177-H1 is a four-channel humidity / temperature logger with internal sensors and an external probe socket.

Process controllers and indicators

Unitemp’s range of process controllers and indicators includes the following:

  • Temperature controllers: general purpose, PID and programmer (ramp and hold)
  • Process controllers: valve control and advanced
  • Process indicators: temperature, mA and VDC; strain gauge and potentiometer; AC current / voltage; and advanced
  • Frequency meters / counters / timers
  • Accessories for controllers and indicators

Sensors and transducers

Unitemp offers the following sensors and transducers:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Signal conditioners
  • Displacement transducers
  • Humidity and dew point sensors
  • Load / force transducers
  • Compressed air sensors
  • Pressure dew point transducers
  • Accessories for sensors and transducers

Industrial equipment calibration, qualification and validation

Regulations regarding health and the environment are becoming increasingly stringent. In order to meet local and export standards, it is essential that industrial instruments are calibrated, and that the calibration may be traced to an internationally accepted system of standards.

Calibration, qualification and validation of industrial equipment assist in increasing a company’s manufacturing quality. For this reason, different rules and regulations in accordance with ISO and HACCP require that test equipment is managed and monitored on a regular basis.

Calibration laboratory services

Unitemp has been working closely with testo, our world-renowned partner, to establish a professional, internationally accredited calibration operation.

We are now an officially authorised calibration laboratory for temperature and humidity, and are able to issue calibration certificates according to ISO 9001 / ISO 10012:2003 requirements. Our calibration laboratory is ISO and hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) compliant for calibration, qualification and validation.

Our calibration ranges are from -25°C to 200°C for temperature and logger equipment and 11.3%RH and 75.3%RH for humidity probes. As a rare service in South Africa, we offer calibrations for infrared pyrometers below 0°C, the range being -20°C to 80°C. Calibration ranges are -25°C to 200˚C for temperature and logger equipment and 11.3%RH to 75.3%RH for humidity probes.

Flue gas analyser calibration services

Unitemp’s flue gas calibration services in conjunction with Ecoserve ensure that testo flue gas analysers are calibrated locally, without the need to ship abroad. SANAS and NMISA-approved calibration gases are used for the calibration of oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide cells.