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Modern Power Systems BRIC Edition

Power Technology Magazine for Brazil, Russia, India and China

Global Trade Media,
John Carpenter House,
John Carpenter Street,
EC4Y 0AN Other,
United Kingdom

Global Trade Media,
John Carpenter House,
John Carpenter Street,
EC4Y 0AN Other,
United Kingdom

More than 50% of the world’s infrastructure investment is now taking place in emerging economies, with Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) leading the way.  Every company with an international outlook needs to develop a BRIC market strategy.

Electricity demand from the BRIC economies is expected to increase by 75% over the next decade, with urbanisation having the greatest impact on electricity requirements. Leading analysts are forecasting that a 1% increase in the share of people living in cities will lead to a 1.8% increase in demand for installed capacity, while a 1% rise in income per head will lead to a 0.5% increase in demand.

Unprecedented demand combined with record investment has created a new wave of opportunities for suppliers of power plant, transmission and distribution solutions.

Power technology magazine for BRIC industries

Published quarterly in print and digital format, the BRIC edition will provide key decision makers involved in electricity generation in Brazil, Russia, India and China with unique analysis and data for the first time, bringing them contributions from leading industry commentators, practitioners and thought leaders.

Growth in BRIC economies

Emerging economies will remain the key source for growth throughout 2009 and beyond. Global policy makers and business leaders are predicting that a major component for growth, future success and prosperity will be establishing or reinforcing a presence in the emerging markets with the greatest risk being the failure to take any action whatsoever.

A combination of sluggish growth in western economies and increased global competition for a shrinking market share has led to the need for fundamental changes to traditional business models.

While globalisation has long forced companies to look beyond their own borders in order to maximise the potential for growth, many have only ever felt really comfortable applying this maxim to fellow developed economies; emerging markets have been considered high-risk and fraught with complications.

However, as recession bites throughout Europe and North America, such reticence is fast becoming an unsustainable business practise. Now is the time to investigate the opportunities emerging markets afford and to invest in developing a specific strategy as to how best to capitalise on them.


Our unique and powerful database of readers includes qualified senior management and executive decision makers who have the authority to purchase. 30,000 copies will be distributed to this hard-to-reach audience who are responsible for all phases of the planning, design, construction, maintenance and development within the power sector in Brazil, Russia, India and China.

The readers of the BRIC edition are the budget holders responsible for purchasing and specifying the following:

  • Thermal power generating equipment
  • Gas turbines
  • Hydro power turbines
  • Large-capacity pumps
  • Storage units
  • Nuclear power station equipment
  • Clean-coal technology power generating equipment
  • Cogeneration and tri-generation units
  • Air-cooling power generation units
  • Combine-cycle units
  • Wind turbines
  • Solar technology

Modern Power Systems BRIC Edition

Global Trade Media

John Carpenter House


John Carpenter Street



United Kingdom