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Monthly Digital Magazine for the Energy Industry


Future Power Technology is a monthly publication offering timely, in-depth coverage of the energy industry in an innovative digital format.

Launched in April 2010, the magazine looks at new technologies, the most influential industry projects and the latest developments in the energy markets worldwide, using an engaging mix of editorial and rich-media content such as video, animation and interactive applications.

Each issue of the magazine is promoted on power-technology.com. Back issues are archived and easily accessible from the site as well as from each issue of the magazine.

Digital magazine for senior power industry decision-makers

The readership of Future Power Technology is made up of senior power industry decision-makers from more than 105 countries. More than half of our readers are located in Europe and 25% in North America.

Future Power Technology offers in-depth coverage of the energy industry in a digital, rich-media format.
The Technology Focus section of the online magazine investigates the latest technologies being developed in the industry.
The magazine covers all industry sectors, from conventional power generation to renewable energy sources, transmission and distribution, as well as developments in the power markets around the world.
The Industry Projects section takes an in-depth look at major power plants in operation or under construction worldwide.
Animated content and navigation features embedded in the magazine's pages create an interactive reading experience.

Subscribers to the magazine include engineers, technicians and consultants from the industry’s leading organisations, including energy providers, engineering companies, consulting services, power plant operators, as well as procurement and construction contractors.

Subscribers read each issue of the magazine for an average of 12 minutes, with 52% of the readers looking at the magazine immediately after receiving it, or on the same day. The number of subscribers has steadily increased each month since the magazine’s launch, building on our loyal readership.

International circulation throughout the power industry

We have created a powerful international circulation for Future Power Technology. Each month the magazine is delivered directly to 40,000 industry professionals’ inboxes.

The magazine is a sister publication of power-technology.com, a website visited daily by industry professionals who wish to keep up to date with the latest news and developments in the power industry. All of our 105,000 monthly visitors can access the magazine, which is promoted in prime position on the homepage as well as on various other sections of the website.

In-depth coverage of the energy industry

The digital magazine covers all industry sectors, from power generation to transmission and distribution, looking at the latest technologies being developed, major power plants in operation and new industry projects under construction. We also investigate developments in the power market worldwide as well as current topics affecting the industry, from government decisions and funding and investment issues to the climate change debate.

Themes covered in Future Power Technology include:

  • Conventional power generation – fossil fuels, CCGT and IGCC technology
  • Renewable energy sources – wind, solar, hydro, wave, tidal power generation
  • Nuclear power, including the latest nuclear reactor designs and the research into thermonuclear fusion
  • Smart energy – the vision of the smart grid, the roll-out of smart meters, the requirements for existing transmission networks, and cybersecurity issues
  • Emissions reduction: the technology used to monitor, control, and clean up fossil fuel-based power generation, as well as the latest progress in carbon capture and storage
  • Power plant operation and maintenance – from operator traning and system monitoring software to plant safety and security measures

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