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Power Plant Flexibility and Optimisation

27 - 28 November, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Arena International is delighted to announce the return of the conference Power Plant Flexibility and Optimisation on the 27 and 28 November.


Arena International is delighted to announce the return of the conference Power Plant Flexibility and Optimisation on the 27 and 28 November.

This exciting and timely event will help further your understanding of current power plant legislation, technologies and strategies to assist you in delivering flexible and optimised power generation.

Key topics at Power Plant Flexibility and Optimisation

The conference programme features a variety of topics, which include:

  • Providing a cross-analysis of the European energy market to underline existing differences in country-specific approaches towards effectiveness of desired emission
  • Uncovering predictable availability with regards to flexibility of conventional power plants to ensure efficient plant operations and accurate calculation of returns on investment
  • Evaluating the impact of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) to determine increasing production costs and diminishing profits associated with the requirements of limited operational hours
  • Panel Discussion: evaluating commercial and technical capabilities of gas-fired power plants to determine their role in ensuring reliable energy supply
  • Investigating the impact of the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) proposed by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) on the existing regime to define the potential for providing long-term
  • Generating cost modelling strategies for the operation of thermal power plants to establish cost based incentive structures
  • Uncovering the potential risks of failed start-ups associated with discontinued operations to assess related cost implications
  • Assessing growing demands for establishment of extended transmission and distribution grids to ensure the accommodation of renewable energy sources allow for increased flexibility
  • Investigating the impact of regulatory uncertainty of the current energy regime and lack of clarity about future expectations on conventional plant upgrades
  • Evaluating the practical advantages of mothballing of facilities as an effective power plant lay-up to uncover a desirable production strategy which minimises costs
  • Uncovering methods of improving flexible operations by defining optimum strategies to increase technological lifetime of the equipment
  • Investigating metallographic methods to determine the effect of flexible operations and varying temperature fluctuations on quality of equipment materials
  • Evaluating strategic maintenance costs considerations associated with flexible operations to maximise long-term cost efficiency
  • Uncovering developments in technological projects of newly-built coal-fired power plants to demonstrate commercial viability for large-scale use

Ensuring gas and coal-fired power plants achieve flexibility

Arena International’s Power Plant Flexibility conference will strategically look at how to ensure both gas and coal-fired power plants achieve the required level of flexibility for efficient power generation. The conference will also cover the technological aspects that enable a reliable and efficient source of back up energy for a constant, stable power supply.

Presentations will address how best to approach ramping up and down and how to create optimal operating conditions for both gas and coal. Whilst gas can be optimised through design and temperature control, the central question for coal will be identifying and determining the potential for flexible operations given the usual necessity for these plants to work at base load.

This conference will also look to connect the utilities and the grid operators to ensure a mutual decision is reached on how to best work towards providing a stable and reliable power supply to the grid.

Key conference speakers

Attend the conference and have the chance to hear from:

  • Anne Marie Hey, managing director, Dutch Gas Turbine Association
  • Daniel Nordgren, director Nordic mid-term asset optimisation, Vattenfall
  • James Varley, editor, Modern Power Systems
  • Klaus Hammer, COO Gas CCGT, EON UK
  • Matts Nilsson, chief of market design, Vattenfall
  • Prof Riti Singh, head of Gas Turbine Engineering and Technology, Cranfield University
  • Ricardo Prata, chief of department, EDP Distribuição

Booking: discounts available

Book your place now to attend this timely and important event. Places are strictly limited so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.

Discounts are available online if you book before 9 November. Simply sign up with reference code MK-PRO when making your booking.