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Dampers, Expansion Joints, Valves and Explosion Panels

18 Lantern Road,
Elspark 1418,
South Africa

18 Lantern Road,
Elspark 1418,
South Africa

Flowseal Engineering designs, manufactures and supplies dampers, expansion joints, valves, explosion panels and other related products.

Our customers are project houses and major industrial facilities such as power generators, petro-chemical plants, mines, paper and pulp producers, the cement industry, smelters and steel mills.

Isolation and control dampers

Flowseal is a specialist in the design and manufacture of isolation and control dampers. Among our extensive product range are butterfly dampers, louvre dampers, guilotine dampers, diverter / swing dampers, dilution dampers, radial-vane control dampers, knife gate dampers and dished disc dampers.

Gas valves

Our gas valves provide superior isolation to dampers. Where ducts carry noxious fumes and isolation is required to protect personnel downstream, only a valve offering total isolation will suffice.

This can be accomplished in one of three ways: provide a damper system in such a way that purge air can be introduced at a higher pressure than the process gas, insert a blanking plate between two flanges, or fit a Flowseal swing-type line blind or fully automated goggle valve into the line.

Valves for gas-tight operation

Where gas-tight operation is required two-lever disc valves, double-offset valves, butterfly valves or knife gate valves provide an economical solution.

Materials of construction and drive configurations are selected and designed to suit the application and customer requirements.

Metallic and non-metallic expansion joints

Flowseal is also a designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of metallic and non-metallic expansion joints.

Metallic expansion joints

We provide a wide variety of metallic expansion joints, including spun bellows, pressed bellows, cold-rolled bellows and hydro-formed bellows versions. Designs are in accordance with accepted codes such as EJMA and ASME and quality control to ISO 9001 ensures our customers receive excellent products.

Non-metallic (fabric) expansion joints

Fabric expansion joints are always designed to suit the application and the customer’s requirements. Construction can be of sleeve, U or belt types, circular or rectangular, and delivered with or without flow plates or insulation pillows. Flowseal can also supply the associated steelwork.

Applications for our non-metallic expansion joints range from single-ply fabrics handling air to multi-ply composite fabric expansion joints handling furnace waste gases at temperatures of up to 1,400°C.

Expansion joints and bellows

In addition to the range of metallic and non-metallic expansion joints shown below, we are able to supply:

  • Rubber-expansion bellows
  • Slip-type expansion joints
  • PTFE or PTFE-lined expansion joints
  • Stainless-steel flexible hose

Explosion vent panels

Flowseal explosion vent panels, which conform to the requirements and specifications of NFPA68 (1998 edition), offer a safe and cost-effective means of countering the results of an explosion: loss of life, injury, damage to plant equipment and loss of production. They are of a ‘composite slotted’ type and are essentially maintenance free.

Our explosion vent panels can be manufactured for temperatures up to 500ºC and for rectangular, round or curved vents. They are certified and can be manufactured to burst at pressures as low as 5kPa.

Our engineers can assist in the application and sizing of explosion vent panels.

Manufacture of dampers, expansion joints, valves and explosion panels

Flowseal has established a proud reputation in the market place, both locally and internationally, as a quality-conscious supplier of customer-specific products, and is ISO 9001 accredited.

Our design team is both experienced and innovative in its approach and in the range of products manufactured, and is backed up by a modern manufacturing facility of 1,500m² of workshop space, equipped with a guillotine, 150t press break, various rolling machines, lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, welding machines and manipulators, and fabric and rubber manufacturing equipment.

Flowseal Engineering (Pty) Ltd

18 Lantern Road


Elspark 1418


South Africa