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Valves, Expansion Joints and Pipe Supports

Jan Tinbergenstraat 209,
NL-7559 SP Hengelo,

Jan Tinbergenstraat 209,
NL-7559 SP Hengelo,

With 44 years of experience Hanwel is a well-known supplier of valves, expansion joints and pipe supports to the industry in the Benelux area. We supply quality products of leading manufacturers. Beside that we can offer you advice, co-engineering and field services with respect to our products.

Hanwel is also the manufacturer and worldwide supplier of core PTFE-sliding supports.

Valves and custom valves

For the Benelux area we can supply various valves of leading European manufacturers. We can offer you valve solutions for many cases both with standard valves as with custom-made valves. For the Benelux area we represent:

  • Lohse: knife gate valves
  • Konrad: double eccentric butterfly valves, check valves
  • Kammerer: slide gate valves, vacuum valves, quick-closing gate valves
  • Northvale Korting: non-return check valves, control valves, fluid jets
  • Welflex: exhaust valves, diverter dampers, louver dampers
  • Pfeiffer: drain valves, ball valves

Beside these suppliers we have a lot of long-time co-operations with leading manufacturers based on our long-time presence in the various types of industry.

Expansion joints

For the Benelux area we supply various expansion joints of well-known European manufacturers. We have over 44 years of experience and do a lot of projects based on co-engineering. For the Benelux area we represent:

  • Stenflex: rubber and stainless-steel expansion joints
  • Bording: fabric expansion joints
  • Welflex: stainless steel and PTFE expansion joints

We have an excellent reputation in the expansion joint industry and can offer you any expansion joint solution that is technically possible. Most of our expansion joints are specially designed to meet your demands.

Pipe supports

For the Benelux area we represent Lisega. Lisega is the world leader in pipe support systems. Their modular system and the Licad selection software results in large cost savings during the pipe design. For the Benelux area we represent:

  • Lisega: pipe supports, shock absorbers, constant hangers
  • Core bearings: PTFE slide bearings and customised pipe supports

We have experienced engineers and design tools ready to support you during the pipe design process.

Special piping components

We supply almost every component that is a part of a pipe system. Although the pipe is normally no part of our scope, we can supply special types of pipe systems. These are:

  • Welflex: PTFE-lined pipe systems, pipes, bends and pipe components
  • MH-Rohr: jacketed pipe systems, pipes bends and components

Hanwel — experts at your service

Our goal is to supply the knowledge, products and services that are needed for a safe and long-time operation of your pipe systems and equipment. We and our partners are certified according to ISO 9001 and can offer you:

  • Experienced engineers
  • The latest design methods and tools
  • Large knowledge with respect to installation, use and operation, maintenance, inspections and safety issues
  • Large production facilities and large stock of standard items and basic materials
  • Experience with project handling, documentation, marking and certification
  • Clear and open communication


Jan Tinbergenstraat 209

NL-7559 SP Hengelo