LBH International has completed the testing and production of eight Universal expansion joints that will be delivered to CITECH Engineering in the UK.

The Penguins Redevelopment Project end-user will be Shell UK Limited. The project’s main contractor is Fluor.

The expansion joints are part of GAS Turbine Generator Package and will be installed with Solar Turbines International Company Gas Turbines.

The joint diameter nominal (DN) is 1100mm and 1600 mm. They are made of stainless steel.

Founded in 1985, LBH International A/S manufactures and designs high-quality expansion joints and similar products.

Since then, LBH has been globally recognised as an expert in providing optimal expansion joint technology solutions.

For offshore and gas turbine applications – where the demand for superior design and material is high – LBH is often chosen as the supplier.

Due to its complete range of products (metal, fabric and elastomer expansion joints for both high and low pressure) LBH is often used as a consultant.

LBH was the world’s first fabric expansion joint manufacturer to receive ISO 9001 approval of the quality management system and the environmental certification in accordance with DS/EN 14001.

As an active member of European Sealing Association (ESA), LBH is committed to improving the understanding and application of expansion joint technology.

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