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“Expansion joints of high quality are important to ensure an economical and durable operation of power plant systems” was one of the headlines in several technical magazines and publications after an LBH seminar in 2001 was held for 78 leading engineers and technicians from the power industry.

Exactly the same evaluation and conclusion may be reached with respect to safe operation of cement plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, etc. Especially for offshore and gas turbine applications – where the demand for a superior design and material is high – LBH is often chosen as supplier.

Renowned fabrication joints and consultancy

Due to its complete range of products (metal, fabric and elastomer expansion joints for both high and low pressure) LBH is often used as a consultant. Its customers can always be sure that it will choose the optimal solution and product, as it does not have a special connection with a specific product range.

Flexible expansion and sealing joints

Since their introduction, expansion joints have been used to solve an increasing range of flexible sealing challenges. However, the major application is in power generation. As materials have been developed and the technology of expansion joint design has been improved, they have been used successfully in a much wider variety of industrial applications including:

  • Cement
  • Chemical
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Marine and offshore
  • Metal foundries
  • Petrochemical
  • Power generation (co-generation, fossil fuel, gas turbine and nuclear)
  • Pollution control and flue-gas cleaning
  • Pulp and paper
  • Steel and aluminium
  • Waste incineration

Expansion joints for ductwork

Expansion joints provide flexibility in ductwork and are used for four main situations:

  • Expansion or contraction of the duct due to temperature changes
  • Isolation of components to minimise the effects of vibration or noise
  • Movement of components during process operations
  • Installation or removal of large components, and erection tolerances

Fabric expansion joints, metal expansion joints and elastomer expansion joints

LBH has developed a very strong product portfolio of expansion joints in fabric, metal and elastomer. LBH designs and manufactures its products according to its customers’ requests.

Expansion joint design and manufacture

LBH provides fabric, elastomer, rubber and metal expansion joints in all shapes and sizes. Fabric and elastomer expansion joints can be delivered as units – installed on metal parts – if required. LBH’s highly experienced installation team stand at your disposal for site installation.

LBH is happy to help customers with designs and solutions using more than 20 years’ experience in the field of expansion joint technology.

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Since 1985, LBH has ensured an economical and durable operation of power plants all over the world by manufacturing high-quality expansion joints based on more than 25 years of know how.

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