LBH International has received an order for design and production of specially designed fabric expansion joints.

The expansion joint units will be installed just after coal mills and are designed to withstand the severe abrasion from the coal dust.

The units are protected inside abrasion-resistant plates in up to 20mm thickness. The construction is made in such a way that the plates are replaceable. The fabric bellows are designed to withstand failure conditions both in temperature and pressure.

For protection from the outside, the units are equipped with perforated plates, which allow heat to escape.

The expansion joints will be installed in Kemerköy and in Yeniköy Thermal Plant. LBH International has worked with one of the leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Germany and successfully offered the best solution and thereby won the order.

Furthermore, LBH offered a full-service package for installing and supervising on-site, based on knowledge of how to achieve the best results with LBH products.

The 64 expansion joints will be installed in different places.

Founded in 1985, LBH International A/S manufactures and designs high-quality expansion joints and similar products.

Since then, LBH has been globally recognised as an expert in providing optimal expansion joint technology solutions.

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