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Baron USA

Oil Purifiers, Conservation Equipment and Transformer Dry-Out Systems

Baron USA specialises in oil purifiers, conditioning and reclamation equipment that saves money and conserves oil.

350 Baron Circle,
TN 38501 Tennessee,
United States of America

Baron USA specializes in oil purifiers, conditioning and reclamation equipment that saves money and conserves oil.

Our product line consists of oil processing, transformer dry-out and condensing systems, as well as a vacuum pump and distillation units.

These are combined with our filtration products, such as Fuller’s Earth, filter carts and filter housings, to provide a complete solution and ensure efficient performance of your equipment.

Even in small amounts, moisture can accelerate the oil and transformer ageing process. We help you maintain constant oil quality and efficiently remove water from both the oil and the solid insulation where most of the water resides.

Transformer oil purifiers and vacuum oil purifiers for removing moisture, particulate and dissolved gasses

Our systems can be trailered so that they can be parked close to the oil and transformer to be processed.
Stationary systems can be used for production or repair facilities and they have their flow-rates determined by the anticipated demand of the facility.

Baron USA units are designed for simple and convenient operation through a touch screen operator interface terminal (OIT). A touchscreen safety device monitors system operations and automatically stops the unit if operating conditions become abnormal.

Oils require conditioning in order to remove particulate, moisture and dissolved gases. A basic vacuum oil purifier will remove all of these and return oil to within specification. Systems are available to process transformer, cable, turbine and hydraulic oils, as well as phosphate esters and heat transfer, vacuum pump and compressor seal oils.

Each unit is custom-designed to specifications and built with quality components for ease-of-use for operators and long field life.

Automatic, unattended, transformer online systems (AUTOS) for removing moisture

AUTOS systems are fully automated and designed for energised transformer servicing. They remove moisture from the transformer oil which in turn removes water from the paper, Water and gasses are removed by vacuum from the oil and exhausted to the atmosphere, but the transformer is not subjected to vacuum.

These systems are also extremely effective where a gassing transformer must remain in service until an outage can be scheduled.

The system can also be set up with remote monitoring by cell phone.

Bulk Fullers Earth Systems

Fuller Earth filtration systems are designed for the regeneration of transformer oil. Benefits to the oil include: acidity reduction, color improvement, and sludge reduction in service aged oils.

Cold trap systems to collect water removed from the process

Cold traps are used to improve vacuum pump efficiency and provide measurement of liquid removed from a transformer. Since water is removed using vacuum, these traps freeze the water from the vacuum stream ahead of the vacuum pumps.

Liquid nitrogen traps are normally placed close to the transformer and are provided with two thimbles so that one can be defrosted while the other is collecting water.

Cascade traps use no liquid nitrogen and use refrigeration leveraging to collect water on freeze plates. Rapid heated thaw cycles allow quick melting of collected ice for measurement.

Vacuum distillation and vacuum pump units to recover fluid

Baron USA’s series line of vacuum distillation units are used for the recovery of fluids in aluminum rolling oil processes and vapor phase transformer drying. Our Vacuum Pump Oil Heating Systems are economical, compact, light and portable for the assisted heat up of transformers being dried in the field.

They can be used to preheat or boost heat by hot oil circulation prior to or during processing with a Baron oil purification trailer. Modules can consist of high quality, two-stage vacuum pump and vacuum booster combination in the CFM capacity of your choice.

Vacuum Chamber and dry-out systems

Vacuum chambers utilising Vapor Phase, hot oil spray, or hot air heating are available for vacuum drying transformers for OEM’s and repair facilities. A variety of chamber configurations and sizes are available with heating and vacuum systems selected to efficiently convert water to vapor and remove it from your product.

Filtration systems

Filter Carts are our two or four-wheel roll-around units, suitable for removing particle contamination from oil while it is still in its reservoir.