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Centrifugal Separators and Pulse Filter Systems for Power Plants

Pistinska 294,
CZ-37802 Straz nad Nezarkou,
Czech Republic

Pistinska 294,
CZ-37802 Straz nad Nezarkou,
Czech Republic

CZBA has international operations in the field of filter technology. We develop, plan and produce installations for cleaning air in all branches of industry. In recent years we have established ourselves as a competent, flexible and reliable partner – consistently expanding our range of products up to large filter installations. By means of optimised separator processes we ensure maximum on-the-job safety, clean inhaled air as well as operational dependability and environmental protection.

Our application areas comprise power plants, waste, special waste and sewage-sludge incineration plants as well as such equipment in glassworks, cement and iron and steel plants. As a firm we develop efficient, individual and cost-effective solutions of the highest quality standard. Our innovative filter technologies and systematic system development lead to optimum separation results.

The particular strength of our company lies in the short production lead times as well as the competitive prices. As an east European manufacturer we endeavour to pass part of the price advantage which arises as a result of the lower labour costs on to our customers.

As many-sided as the combustion processes are, the process-engineering dust elimination principles vary accordingly, which can be applied individually or in combination.

High-efficiency cyclone separators

The highly efficient CZBA cyclone separators represent the most cost-effective solution for separating dried material (larger than 5µm) from gas streams.

Our HE base models were developed in line with the latest findings from cyclone theory and fluid mechanics with regard to a high total separation rate and a low pressure loss. The aim is to achieve the maximum separation rate through the filtration; this places the highest demands on the cyclone and calls for an optimum design. In pre-separation, cyclones are employed upstream of other filter systems.

To attain the best results in the case of large-scale cyclone separators (>20,000m³/hr), we offer the project-related and individual dimensioning and construction of cyclone separators – thus providing customer-specific individual solutions with a variety of options.

Self-cleaning pulse filter systems

CZBA self-cleaning pulse filters serve to clean flue gases and are suitable for continuous operation. Employing modern filter media in the form of cartridges or bags, they are regenerated online by means of an advanced pulse-jet cleaning system. Our high-performance, state-of-the-art industrial filters and extraction systems are available for any kind of requirement. With all the systems it is a matter of selecting the optimum concept for our customers from a process engineering standpoint.

The filters are used for dedusting flue gases loaded fine with dusts <1µm in the low temperature range of up to a maximum 250°C. Degrees of separation greater than 99% at pressure losses between 15 – 20 mbar can be attained. Here the dust loaded flue gases are conducted through a porous tissue or felt layer, which separates the carrier gas from the dust particles. The dust which collects on the filter layer is removed at defined time intervals by countercurrent pulses of the filter with compressed air, and then falls into the dust bunker.

Dust removal systems

Whether employing centrifugal separators or pulse filter systems, in addition to dedusting of flue gases we also take care of the removal of dust from the dust bunkers. Depending on the system equipment requirements as well as the dust characteristics, different mechanical or pneumatic conveyors are employed to transport the dust all the way to its disposal path. For non-continually operating conveyor systems, filling level probes in the dust bunkers control the transport cycle times.

CZBA s.r.o.

Pistinska 294

CZ-37802 Straz nad Nezarkou

Czech Republic