The Dow Chemical Company Launches DOW AMBERCHROM™ HPS60 Chromatography Media for Downstream Bioprocessing - Power Technology | Energy News and Market Analysis
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The Dow Chemical Company Launches DOW AMBERCHROM™ HPS60 Chromatography Media for Downstream Bioprocessing

Dow Water & Process Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: Dow), today launched DOW AMBERCHROM™ HPS60 chromatography media, a monodispersed strong cation polishing exchange resin designed for efficient downstream bioprocessing.

AMBERCHROM™ HPS60 chromatography media was designed to handle the high titers from upstream stream bioprocessing, improving selectivity and throughput, while lowering costs to produce proteins, including antibodies of recombinant or natural origin.

"The launch of AMBERCHROM™ HPS60 polishing resin further demonstrates the business’s commitment to identifying, developing and providing flexible, high-value separation and purification solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturers and their suppliers," said Marlin Kinzey, associate marketing director for Dow Water & Process Solutions. "AMBERCHROM™ HPS60 chromatography media provides excellent resolution of closely related impurities and improved removal of fragments and aggregates."

The increased pH and conductivity range of AMBERCHROM™ HPS60 chromatography media decreases production bottlenecks because the polishing resin can be easily dropped into installed capital equipment. Plus, the resin’s high salt tolerance helps eliminate the need for dilution holding tanks in new facilities.

AMBERCHROM™ HPS60 is a rigid media, making it easy to pack in columns. This allows packing to higher bed heights than traditional agarose beads, resulting in greater flow rates and capacity in a smaller footprint. Add high selectivity to the robust processing range and high column heights and AMBERCHROM™ HPS60 is prepared to elegantly handle the high titers from the upstream process.

AMBERCHROM™ HPS60 media provides excellent purification of monoclonal antibodies, and provides the strength and flexibility to purify and formulate products that produce life saving medications. AMBERCHROM™ HPS60 joins Dow’s vast family of ion exchange and adsorbent resin technologies designed specifically for the healthcare market.

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