Hilliard manufactures and engineers a wide range of reclamation and oil filtration products. Our specialized devices include mist eliminators, reclaimers and reclamation systems, filter cartridges and vessels, motion control products, industrial starters and membrane filtration systems. Other devices include motion control products, starters for industrial gas and diesel engines and gas turbines and plate / frame filter presses used in the food and beverage industry.

Offering its customers a formidable knowledge of filtration technologies, Hilliard has built a reputation as one of the foremost special-applications engineering and manufacturing companies.


We manufacture a line of filter cartridges designed to meet various size, filtration efficiency and dirt-holding capacity demands. Microgard™ cartridges feature three filtration layers: outer cellulose media layer for coarse filtration, an intermediate glass-media for microfiltration and an inner cellulose-media for added support.

Safegard™ single-layer pleated paper cartridges are economical for use in applications requiring general rather than fine particulate filtration. Pleated synthetic media PH cartridges have polyester-reinforced glass fibers for maximum flow.

Hilliard's range of filter cartridges is designed to serve both coarse and microfiltration demands.
The Hilco Turbo-Flo Duplex filter.
The company manufactures mist eliminators that remove visible oil vapor from gas turbines, steam turbines, turbo compressors and other air vent equipment used in lubricating oil systems.
Hilliard's portable filter vessel.
Our seal-gas-filter vessel.

Other cartridge types manufactured by Hilliard include Hilsorb dryer cartridges for controlling moisture and particulate levels; high pressure hydraulic fluid filter cartridges engineered for 1,500psi pressure; coreless cartridges; hilite cartridges for acid reduction in petroleum-based transformers and turbine lube oils; coalescer cartridges; bag filter cartridges and Selexsorb™ GT cartridges for phosphate ester fluids.


The Hilco Turbo-Flo Duplex filter line is easy to operate and maintain with a low turning torque and no jacking of the sealing pads. A transfer valve is built into the head of our integral Duplex filters. These valves can accept 312, 414, and 518 size elements.

Standard housings for high-flow synthetic elements can be used for 312, 414, 518, 720, and 739 elements, allowing flows up to 2,000 gallons / min. Standard non-code housings are particularly well-suited for off-line filtration systems. Bag filter housings feature o-ring covers and are also available on Duplex arrangements.

Hilco transfer valves esnure positive sealing for low pressure drop and uninterrupted flow. The Hilco dry seal gas Duplex housings incorporate valves and filters into one assembly that is easy to operate and put together.


Hilco mist eliminators remove visible oil vapor from the air stream of vents in lubricating oil systems of large, high-speed rotating equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines, turbo compressors, turbo generators, reciprocating engines, high speed couplings, and gear boxes.


Our Hilco oil reclaimers are ideal for removing large amounts of contaminants from a wide range of fluids. Standard Hilco oil reclaimers are suited for the reconditioning of industrial oils containing a maximum of 1% water at a flow rate of up to 100 gallons / hr.

Seal oil degassers remove hydrocarbons and gases to control seal oil flashpoint and viscosity. Hyflow reclaimers are ideal for applications that require intense purification, such as the dehydration of refrigeration compressor and insulating oils.

Hilliard’s complete oil reclamation systems include a reclaimer, a pre-filter, a final filter and storage tanks for contaminated and purified fluids.