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Hy-Pro Filtration

Filtration Systems for Hydraulic and Lubrication Equipment

12955 Ford Drive,
Fishers, Indiana 46038,
United States of America

12955 Ford Drive,
Fishers, Indiana 46038,
United States of America

Hy-Pro Filtration optimizes the reliability of your hydraulic and lubrication assets to keep your plant operating at peak productivity. Our filtration product range includes: soluble varnish removal systems, filter element upgrades, vacuum dehydrators, turbine oil coalescers, offline filtration equipment, mobile filtration equipment, diesel fuel coalescers, high-pressure filters and low-pressure filters.

Soluble varnish removal systems

Hy-Pro soluble varnish removal systems remove varnish deposits and restore fluid health to prevent varnish from forming in the future.

When combustion and steam turbines fall victim to unit trip or fail-to-start condition, varnish is usually the cause. SVR soluble varnish removal skids prevent and remove varnish deposit formation in lube oil by removing oxidation by-products as they are formed and while they are still in solution (dissolved). By removing the soluble varnish feedstock SVR soluble varnish removal systems address the primary cause of varnish before varnish deposits can form.

Filter element upgrades

The dynamic filter efficiency (DFE) test method developed by Hy-Pro is the next level in hydraulic and lube filter performance testing. Hy-Pro offers over 250,000 DFE-rated filter element upgrades for all major filter manufacturers and OEMs.

All hydraulic and lube systems have a critical contamination tolerance level that is often defined by the most sensitive system component such as servo valves or high-speed journal bearings. Component manufacturers provide fluid cleanliness levels, as per ISO4406 or ISO4406:1999, required for optimum performance and predictable life. The DFE test goes beyond current industry standards to bridge the gap between the lab and the real world.

Vacuum dehydrators

Hydraulic and lube oil fluid contamination causes 75% of all hydraulic component and bearing failures. Prevent problems and increase plant reliability with the Vac-U-Dry vacuum dehydration unit.

VUD series vacuum dehydrators optimize the balance between heat, vacuum and process design to rapidly remove free, emulsified and dissolved water and gas. They are also equipped with high-efficiency filtration to remove particulate contamination. Keeping fluids clean and dry extends component and bearing life, increasing productivity, minimizing downtime and preventing premature fluid replacement.

Turbine oil coalescers

Hy-Pro’s COT turbine oil coalescers rapidly remove water from turbine oil with >95% single pass efficiency and control particulate to ISO Codes of 16/14/11 and lower. COT turbine oil coalescer skids are available to handle reservoirs up to 20,000gal and feature all synthetic media elements for pre-filter, coalesce, separation and post-filter.

Auto-water drain allows for 24×7 continuous unattended operation, and on-board heaters help keep the turbine lube reservoir warm even when the turbine is down, maximizing coalesce efficiency and ensuring that fluid is in pristine condition when the turbine is ready to come back on-line.

Offline filtration equipment

FSL dedicated offline filtration systems feature a large element for conditioning high-viscosity lube oils with high-efficiency element media options down to 1µm absolute, water removal and stainless wire mesh. They are ideal for coal mill and other gearbox applications and for cleaning and transferring high-viscosity fluids.

FPL dedicated filter panels feature two Hy-Pro DFE-rated spin-on elements in series for two filter passes with each pass through the panel. FPL filter panels are ideal for compressor, hydraulic reservoir and dedicated fluid transfer applications.

Mobile filtration equipment

Hy-Pro’s mobile filtration equipment range includes the FC spin-on filter cart and the FCL high-viscosity filter cart.

FC filter carts feature two DFE-rated Hy-Pro spin-on elements in series to condition hydraulic fluids with two filter passes with each pass through the filter cart. They are ideal for hydraulic fluid conditioning and cleaning oils during fluid transfer.

FCL filter carts feature a large element for conditioning high-viscosity lubricants with high efficiency media selections down to 1µm absolute, water removal and stainless mesh media. They are ideal for high-viscosity lube applications and filtering oil during fluid transfer.

Diesel fuel coalescers

COD diesel fuel coalescers rapidly remove water from diesel fuel at >99% single pass water removal efficiency and high-efficiency particulate filtration. Typical applications include diesel tank farm bulk fluid conditioning, tanker truck filling transfer and filtration, and stand-by diesel storage tanks.

FCLCOD diesel coalescing filter carts feature a large combination coalesce/separator element to remove water from diesel fuel. A high-efficiency pre-filter removes particulate contamination. Several power options are available.

High-pressure in-line filters

Maintain cleanliness for the most sensitive hydraulic systems with high-pressure in-line filters for pump discharge, servo actuators and more. The range includes:

  • In-line or manifold pressure filters
  • High-pressure base-mounted filters
  • High-pressure in-line filters

Low-pressure filters

Hy-Pro offers high flow low-pressure filters for in-tank return-line applications, bearing lubrication, in-line fuel filtration and off-line filtration. The range includes:

  • Low-pressure in-tank return filters
  • High-flow filters
  • Spin-on filter assemblies

Hy-Pro Filtration

12955 Ford Drive

Fishers, Indiana 46038


United States of America