Mikropor is a leading worldwide provider of quality filtration and purification products for air, gas and liquid applications in markets including utilities, gas turbines, power generation, compressed air and gas, dust collection, clean room, transportation and HVAC.

Custom designed filters

Mikropor excels at supporting, designing and manufacturing custom filter products for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world.

Mikropor filters products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial markets including process industries, power generation, gas turbines, air compressor equipment, compressed air purification, dust collection, clean room, transportation and HVAC.

Industrial filter products

Product categories include:

Manufacturing efficiency.
Air compressor products.
Gas turbine filters.
HEPA high-capacity filter.
Microfil-V bank.
  • Air compressor filters: including air / oil separators, intake air-filters and in-line filters
  • Refrigerated air dryers for compressors
  • Gas turbine filters
  • HEPA and ULPA filters
  • Gel box HEPA filters
  • V-bank filters: V-bank, single-V and V-bank with activated carbon
  • Panel filters
  • Disposable panel filters
  • Pocket filters: steel frame and plastic frame
  • Continuous wound liquid filters
  • Fan filter units
  • Negative-pressure systems

Mikropor is ISO-certified, technology-driven and committed to engineering innovations that satisfy customer needs for quality products and reliable filtration performance.

Equipment manufacturers and users around the world rely on Mikropor products every day. Our global reputation as a reliable supplier is the result of a market-focused development of filter products that meet today’s demanding specifications and standards.

Gas turbine filters

We can help you achieve decreased downtime, increased productivity and improved profitability.

Today, productivity and efficiency are more important than ever and it is well documented that filtration products contribute very significantly to improved equipment performance. With the proper Mikropor filters, gas turbines, air compressors, engines and HVAC systems operate more effectively, more efficiently and for longer periods of time – decreasing downtime, increasing productivity and profitability.

Compressor air filters

Clean and dry compressed air is vital for industrial applications and manufacturing processes. Mikropor has a complete line of high-performance compressed air treatment products including refrigerated air dryers, compressed air filters and inlet filter systems.

Mikropor HEPA and HVAC filters

Another important issue today is indoor air quality (IAQ). IAQ ranks among the top business issues due to the direct impact of air quality on health and productivity of our people. It is estimated that IAQ problems cost businesses up to $60 billion each year. Mikropor HEPA and HVAC filters offer performance and value in addressing these needs.

Mikropor tomorrow

As we meet today’s industrial needs with high-performance filtration products, Mikropor will continue to strive to meet tomorrow’s challenges with consistent quality, technical innovations and service.

Filter manufacturing

Over 60,000m² of engineering and manufacturing capacity provides Mikropor with a unique capability to deliver specialty filtration products that leverage the full range of design, filtration engineering and filter manufacturing expertise.