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Particle and Liquid Filtration Systems

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Over the past 30 years, Nuclear Industry Yantai Tongxing Industrial has been growing into one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of horizontal vacuum belt filters, and now covers more than 80% of the Chinese market as well as exporting worldwide.

Filters and centrifuge machines

We develop and manufacture a range of filters and centrifuge machines, including:

  • DU series rubber-belt vacuum filter
  • TC series precise ceramic vacuum filters
  • LXD series continuous automatic dumping centrifuges
  • MS series micro-desulfate filters
  • CF series dynamic-cross flow filters
  • PBF series continuous horizontal vacuum-belt filters
  • DZY and DY series press-belt filters
  • Precise tubular filters
  • Univertor and soft-start

Our filters are widely used in the military, mining, chemical, powder plant, food and environmental protection industries, and cover 70% of the Chinese filter market share. We also export to south-east Asia and Europe.

New filtration technology and equipment

Nuclear Industry Yantai Tongxing Industrial constantly researches and develops new filtration technology and equipment to meet the needs of the power generation market. Products such as the TC precise ceramic vacuum filter have been very successful with customers.

Nuclear Industry Yantai Tongxing Industrial offers a range of particle and liquid filtration systems, including rubber-belt vacuum filters, ceramic vacuum filters and press-belt filters.
Nuclear Industry Yantai Tongxing Industrial provides the TC range of precise vacuum filters, which are widely used in many industries.
The TC series of precise ceramic vacuum filters are made of a combination of ceramic tubing with micro-holes and ultrasound to separate solids and liquids.
Nuclear Industry Yantai Tongxing Industrial manufactures rubber filter belts up to 3,400mm wide and 60mm thick.
Nuclear Industry Yantai Tongxing Industrial is ISO 9000-2000 accredited, and has 800 workers and assets worth up to $120 million.

Our well-trained and highly experienced experts are available to help customers select the best performing and most cost-effective filter for their particular application. We offer an after-sales service team who are specifically dedicated to dealing with customer support.

Rubber-belt vacuum filters

DU series rubber-belt vacuum filters use negative vacuum pressure as impetus to separate the solid and liquid. The filter district is arranged levelly to sequentially finish the procedure of filter, rinse, dry and regeneration of the filter cloth with high efficiency, high output, good rinsing effect, low moisture, agile operation and low repair costs.

The rubber-belt vacuum filters can also be used to separate solid and liquid in the fields of metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, papermaking, food, pharmacy and environmental protection.

Horizontal vacuum-belt filters

The PBF series of sequential vacuum-belt filters treat filter cloths or fabrics as medium. The materials are arranged levelly on the filter medium to carry out solid-liquid separation, making use of gravitated materials and vacuum suction.

The highly efficient PBF series of horizontal vacuum-belt filters are suitable for materials with different concentrations and are used by many industries.

Precise ceramic vacuum filters

The TC range of precise vacuum filters combine mechanical and electric machining, ceramic tubing with micro-holes and ultrasound to separate solids and liquids, depending on vacuum suction and capillary function, with high efficiency and energy-saving equipment. The precise ceramic vacuum filters are widely used for mining, metallurgy, chemical and environmental protection industries.

Rubber filter belts

Rubber filters belts are a critical part of belt hydro extractors, otherwise known as rubber belt vacuum filters. Rubber filter belts implement stabilized dacron sailcloth or terylene fabric.

We assemble the framework material of the rubber filter belt using the manufacturing process of sulfuration, which enables it to be used under various operating conditions. Our production line is made up of a 3,500mm × 6,000mm area, including a combination of flat vulcanizing presses, equipped with top-class testing and inspecting facilities, which can manufacture rubber filter belts up to 3,400mm wide and 60mm thick.

Filter product quality-control

Nuclear Industry Yantai Tongxing Industrial, a member of the National Defense Science and Industry Committee of Shandong province, is a high-tech enterprise with 800 workers and assets worth up to $120 million. The company has five subsidiary companies and four production bases.

We were awarded ISO 9001:2000 international quality control system authentication in 2001. In 2002, we were recognized as a high new-tech enterprise, and in 2003 as the stander drafter of the National Centrifuge Machine Stander. Our ceramic vacuum filter and large-size rubber-belt filter passed a Chinese state inspection and achieved a zero-filling record in 2004. In 2005, we became the official supplier of FGD in the electrical industry.


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