SOLAFT is a leading expert in extended service bags (ESBs). We pioneered the ESB industry in 1994 with our trademarked StarBags™ and have continued to put a lot of resources into ongoing research and development.

StarBags are a cost-effective solution to an expensive baghouse upgrade.

The unique design of StarBags covers up to 2.4 times the surface area of a standard filter bags the same length, meaningfully reducing the air-to-cloth ratio. They are designed to replace the standard filter bags and can be retrofitted without modifications to the existing cleaning system or cell plate.

The expanded surface area enables an increase in production load after replacing standard bags in the existing fume scrubbing systems. StarBags are designed to ensure efficient operation with high filtration efficiency and throughput.

Other benefits include efficient filtration at high dust loads, lower energy cost, reduced pulse frequency, improved airflow, as well as reduced emissions and operating costs.

We have highly experienced application and design engineers, who are happy to provide feedback and advice on how to improve your baghouse performance. We also have strict quality control processes in place and precision fabrication equipment to ensure the highest quality standard of products.