UT99 develops and produces high efficiency state-of-the-art oil mist separators for combustion engines, power plants and the power industry industry. As a filter specialist for oil mist, the company has the know-how and a products ranging from electrostatic filters for industrial solutions over centrifugal filters for hydropower plants to coalescence filters for combustion engines and turbines.

The main focuses at UT99 are the lube oil tank ventilation for turbines, gears and clutches, as well as the blow-by oil mist separation for engines in off-highway, marine and power plant applications. All products are available in an ATEX-approved design if required.

Because of a dedicated innovation and our broad base of experience, we are able to offer you complete customised solutions to meet your specific needs. We develop, produce and test our products in our own facilities, using state-of-the-art methods and tests under real conditions (medium, flow, temperature and particles).

Oil mist eliminators series UPF-OTV for power plants

The UPF-OTV oil mist eliminator series is suitable for venting the central lubrication oil tanks of gas and steam turbines. The UPF-OTV series has been developed especially for the venting of oil tanks, large plain bearings and gearbox cases. Its field of use comprises oil tank volumes of 1,500l up to 65,000l. In gas and steam turbines, there are central lubrication oil systems to supply the turbine bearings. The pressure built up in the oil tank prevents the oil mist from penetrating the pipes, bearings, labyrinth glands and case slots.

UT99 UPF-OTV series oil mist eliminator (customized for Alstom) on an oil tank for a gas turbine (type: GT 24/26); up to 40,000l or large slide bearings.
UT99 UPF-OTV series oil mist eliminator in redundant execution for a nuclear power plant.
UT99 UPF-CCV series oil mist eliminator for closed crankcase ventilation on diesel and gas engines up to approximately 300kW in off-highway, chp and marine applications.
UPF-CCV series multi-stage oil mist eliminator for CHP plants with gas engines up to 9,000kW (closed crankcase ventilation, series supplier for MWM GmbH since 2005).
UPF-OCV series multi-stage oil mist eliminator for open crankcase ventilation of engines up to 9,000kW including electronic controlled PID pressure regulation (customized for Rolls-Royce Marine, Bergen, Norway).
UPF-OCV series multi-stage oil mist eliminator for open crankcase ventilation on engines with blow-by flow rate up to 1050 m³/h in power plant, marine and offshore applications (picture shows ATEX design).

Due to the permanent flowing-off of the oil mist, the filter cartridges of stage one are self-cleaning, so need no maintenance and have a service life of several years. The service life of the filter cartridges of stage two is 8,000 – 16,000 hours. With a precipitation degree of 99.97% by 0.3μm and a low residual oil quantity of less than 10 mg/m³ downstream of the filter the legal limit values are strictly observed.

Oil mist eliminators for combustion engines

In internal combustion engines, combustion gases always enter between the piston rings and the sleeve in the crankcase (also called the blow-by). Without venting, these combustion gases will cause an unacceptable pressure increase in the crankcase. These gases must not be blown off unfiltered into the environment or in the intake air line.

UPF-CCV oil mist eliminators series for closed-loop venting of crankcases

UT99 AG is the market leader in oil mist separators for closed crankcase ventilation of gas engines with a power output of more than 600 kW. The actual product line of oil mist eliminators for closed crankcase ventilation covers (CCV) a range from 15 m³/h (250 l/min) up to 750 m³/h (12.500 l/min) nominal blow-by volume flow and was developed for the use on gas, diesel and heavy-fuel-oil (HFO) engines.

Generally, our UPF-CCV oil mist eliminators series are operated by the turbocharger of the engine. For engines with a very low under pressure in the intake air line an additional fan with pressure regulation is available as option. For gas engines, there is an increase in engine efficiency of about 0.5% points by the use of closed-loop crankcase ventilation.

The multistage oil precipitation has a high oil separation degree (99.97% by 0.3μm). A residual amount of oil well below 1 mg/m³ blow-by can be ensured for the service life of the filter, and this with a very low pressure drop. Thus sediment in the turbo-supercharger and supercharge air cooler are prevented. This is essential for highly efficient gas and diesel engines. The high temperatures in the turbo-supercharger bake major residual oil quantities, severely impairing smooth functionality.

The service life of the stage one filter cartridges is several years and the service life of stage two is between 4,000 and 8,000 hours depending of load.

UPF-OCV oil mist separators series for open-loop crankcase ventilation

The UPF-OCV series oil mist separators are suitable for open-loop venting of crankcases of diesel and gas engines. The UPF-OCV series has been developed specially for the open-loop venting of crankcases. The field of use comprises high-power engines up to 100MW.
The UPF-OCV oil mist eliminator series is operated by a fan. The optional available electronic proportional integral derivative (PID) control with pressure transmitter and frequency converter placed on the unit holds the crankcase exactly at the desired under pressure, even with variable operating conditions.

The multi-stage oil precipitation has a high oil precipitation degree (99.97% by 0.3 μm). UT99 guarantees a very low residual oil quantity of less than 5 mg/m³ downstream of the filter. Environmental pollution will be reliably avoided, as well as oil spill in the surrounding areas (e.g. deck) of the exhaust pipe and legal limit values are strictly observed.

The service life of the stage 1 filter cartridges is several years. Service life of the stage 2 filter cartridges is approximately 8,000 hours.