Fibrac Insulation has gained, during the years, a huge experience in the field of high-temperature insulating products.

Basalt wool is the right response both for thermal and acoustic applications.

High-temperature insulating basaltic rock wool fibre

High-temperature insulating basaltic rock wool fibre products can be used in the following:

  • Power plants
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Boiler manufacturing
  • Sound absorption
  • Buildings
  • Air conditioning
  • Offshore and inshore application (LNG)

Thermal insulation mattresses and wool

Stitched mattresses and loose wool are made from mineral fibre, which is composed of basaltic rock wool processed from the molten state into fibrous form without any organic binder. This material complies with European norms 97/69/CE regarding the health and safety of workers, and conforms to the ASTM C.592 standard.

Stitched mattresses are made from basaltic rock wool and can be used to thermally insulate piping, boilers, gas turbine exhausts, ductwork and other equipment.</br></br></br>
Fibrac's sound-absorbing waffle-block pillows, designed for high-temperature exhaust gas environments, can be used in air intake and exhaust systems.
Fibrac has a 2,000m&#178; warehouse in Vittuone, Milan.</br></br></br>
All Fibrac products meet European health and safety standards and conform to ASTM C.592.</br></br></br></br>

Stitched mattresses and loose wool can be used for the thermal insulation of piping, equipment, gas turbine exhausts and associated ductwork, boilers and furnaces.

Needle insulation mats

Basaltic rock wool felt–long fibre is manufactured by means of mechanical needling. This material complies with the European 97/69/CE basaltic needle mat health and safety standards and conforms to ASTM C.592.

Needle mats can be used in gas and steam turbine insulation, sound-absorber pillows, thermal and acoustic insulation in exhausts, outside wall insulation of furnaces and domestic thermal insulation.

Sound-absorbing waffleblocks

Waffleblock pillows are a simple composition of different materials, which are all applicable for use in high-temperature exhaust gas environments. The waffleblocks are developed as acoustic sound-absorber elements in splitters and as an acoustic liner inside ducting and boiler walls. They are designed for use in air intake and exhaust systems.

Insulation specialists

During the years, Fibrac has developed strategic partnerships with the most important manufacturers of insulation materials and accessories. For this reason, it has become the benchmark as an insulation specialist of Italian and foreign markets.

Chemical products and accessories, vapour barriers, adhesives and sealants

Fibrac is also the Italian dealer of Foster products, which include:

  • Chemical products and accessories
  • Vapour barriers
  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Accessories
  • Logistics

Fibrac Insulation’s head office, sales department and warehouse are located in the north of Italy – geographically convenient to ship material by sea, air or road.