Vesuvius is a world-class supplier to the hydrocarbon processing and power generation markets. Our superior abrasion and erosion-resistant castables, plastic refractories, brick and gun mixes are used extensively in all process units in these industries. We also possess a full service engineering and research and development department to stay on the cutting edge of technology and offer state-of-the-art refractory products.

Power generation supplier

Vesuvius supplies the power generation industry throughout the world. Our clients range from the largest utility electric producers, to small non-utility co-generation units. This includes products and services for all types of boilers, including utility boilers, circulating fluidised bed boilers and cyclon-fired boilers.

Vesuvius offers a complete line of high-performance refractory products that are designed to increase lining life and maximise operating efficiency. Vesuvius has products designed to withstand the corrosion, erosion and thermal conditions experienced in the power generation environment. Proper refractory selection and installation can substantially reduce material and labour costs while enhancing overall unit efficiency.


Our clients range from the largest utility electric producers, to small non-utility co-generation units.
Vesuvius offers products designed to withstand corrosion, erosion and thermal conditions.
Vesuvius has invested considerably to establish a range of products which meet international specifications.
  • Flexibility of installation techniques: plastics for quick and easy installations, hydraulic-setting mixes that can be gunned, pumped, or shotcreted, and SiC kiln-fired shapes for scroll inlets are all available offering flexibility in the type of installation required
  • Chemical slag resistant: SiC, high alumina, and chrome alumina are all available to meet any type of chemical attack. Refractories are selected on the basis of which slag they are most resistant to
  • Abrasion resistance: optimum particle size distribution, chemical composition and advanced bonding systems combine to reduce wear caused by particle impact
  • Thermal conductivity: high-thermal conductivity materials like SiC ensure excellent resistance to corrosive slags in tough, high-temperature environments. Lower thermal conductivity products such as high alumina will allow the slag layer to run

Vesuvius offers services of experienced refractory sales and service personnel to assist in the analysis of power generation refractory requirements and to ensure that the refractory materials specified for your application are the finest available to meet your specialised needs.

Refractories for incineration

Vesuvius has extensive experience in the supply of refractories to all areas of incineration, including the disposal of domestic waste, industrial chemical (liquid and solid) waste, and other specific applications.

Our capabilities includes:

  • Design and engineering services
  • Extensive material supply including shaped and unshaped refractories
  • A comprehensive range of brick types, fired and chemically bonded, including chamotte, andalusite, bauxite and basic magnesia grades, additionally the more exotic, high-purity corundum, corundum-chrome, mullite and silicon carbide types
  • A comprehensive range of monolithic materials, including low-cement castables and gunmixes
  • Insulating bricks, monolithics and fibres
  • Installation and supervisory / inspection services
  • Refractory management contracts
  • Specialised services – high-speed, high-volume monolithic installations by shotcrete and dry-crete methods

Hydrocarbon processing

In recognition of the high standards set by the petroleum and chemical industries, Vesuvius has invested considerably in research and development to establish a range of products which meet international specifications. These products have been widely accepted and are proven in service.

The Vesuvius range of products includes:

  • Lightweight, conventional, low and ultra-low castables and gun mixes
  • Abrasion-resistant materials
  • Ceramic fibre products and insulation boards
  • Self-flow castables
  • Surshot shotcrete materials
  • Plastics
  • High alumina dense and insulating bricks

Project services

The company also provides the following services on Vesuvius equipment, or through an accredited third-party installer, depending on geographic location:

  • Design and engineering services
  • Installation and supervisory / inspection services
  • Refractory project management contracts
  • Contract documentation and control
  • Design documentation
  • Cost analysis, tracking and control
  • Site safety, risk assessment services and implementation
  • On-site quality control
  • Post contract records
  • Specialised equipment services
  • High-speed, high-volume monolithic installations by shotcreting
  • Full range of refractory mixing equipment
  • Specialist gunniting equipment