Cargill lead

As a recognized dielectric fluids expert, Cargill Industrial Specialties supplies Envirotemp™ natural and synthetic ester fluids, for power and distribution transformers globally.

Natural and synthetic ester fluids

FR3™ natural ester fluid is made from renewable vegetable oils, providing improved fire safety, extended transformer insulation life and increased loading capacity. It is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-hazardous in soil and water, and is carbon neutral (according to BEES® 4.0 lifecycle analysis).

Cargill’s synthetic ester, Envirotemp™ 200, meets IEC specifications for synthetic ester fluid-filled transformers. Envirotemp 200’s synthetic ester fluid is a less flammable dielectric liquid ideally suited for use in free-breathing transformers and is also proven in traction transformers.

Fluid and transformer application solutions

The Envirotemp dielectric fluids team has extensive knowledge of natural and synthetic ester fluids, as well as the technical and application expertise critical to scale solutions to any size of transformer for power, transmission and distribution in a range of applications. Cargill takes a collaborative approach with utilities to define, create and implement the right application solutions that achieve the performance and economic requirements specific to each individual organization’s needs.

The Envirotemp Advantage.
Cargill has proven global installations of up to 420kV.
Cargill’s fluids provide increased load capacity and extended asset life at higher temperatures.
Benefits of FR3 fluid include lower total cost of ownership and high temperature capability.
FR3 fluid improves fire safety with exceptionally high fire and flash points.
Reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact with Envirotemp FR3 fluid.

With more than 30 years of working with many types of dielectric fluids and more than a decade of experience with ester fluids, Cargill’s team has the technical knowledge and application expertise essential to finding solutions in a range of applications for both power and distribution transformers.

Worldwide dielectric fluid distribution

Envirotemp dielectric fluids are currently found in more than 600,000 power and distribution transformers worldwide. With its global supply chain and robust manufacturing capabilities, customers know they can rely on Cargill to deliver their dielectric fluid when they need it, anywhere in the world.

FR3 fluid transformer performance optimization

Insulation life is the number one factor that determines the life of a transformer. Because transformers filled with Envirotemp ester FR3 fluids can operate 20°C warmer than an equivalent mineral oil-filled unit, capacity can be increased up to 20% while maintaining the same life expectation. This enables utilities to increase load capacity on existing assets and extend the life of the insulation system. This results in significant cost savings over the life of each transformer.

Increased fire safety and grid reliability

FR3 fluid possesses a 100% fire safety record, making it the ideal choice for transformers positioned indoors, underground and in close proximity to buildings and other equipment. No fire mitigation or deluge systems are required. FR3 is a vegetable-oil based fluid with twice the flash and fire point than that of mineral oil. FR3 fluid is classified as less flammable fluid by Underwriters Laboratories and FM Global®.

Improved environmental sustainability

FR3 fluid is made from renewable vegetable oil. FR3 fluid has environmental benefits that are superior to mineral oil and unsurpassed by any other dielectric coolants. FR3 fluid is ultimately biodegradable and is non-hazardous and nontoxic in soil and water. Cargill’s fluids contain no petroleum, halogens, silicones or sulfurs. With FR3 fluid, end users are able to reduce liability reserves and insurance premiums, optimize inventory, and manage and reduce routine maintenance requirements.