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Gaumer Process

Fuel Gas Conditioning and Skid-Mounted BOP Systems

13616 Hempstead Road,
Houston, TX 77040,
United States of America

13616 Hempstead Road,
Houston, TX 77040,
United States of America

Gaumer Process is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of balance of plant systems for natural gas power plants, gas / oil distribution companies and refineries. Systems can be supplied according to all international rules and regulations.

Fuel gas conditioning

Gaumer is a leading manufacturer of fuel gas conditioning systems for EPCs, power plant owners and turbine OEMs. Gaumer’s designs are based on gas composition, turbine specifications and environmental conditions and ensure that clean fuel gas is maintained above both dewpoint and hydrate formation temperatures. Gaumer’s fuel gas conditioning systems often include scrubber, pre-heater, pressure reduction, duplex coalescing filters, super heater and controls to interface to plant control room. 

Fuel oil systems

Gaumer fuel oil systems can be used for liquid fuel-fired turbines. Common applications for Gaumer’s fuel oil systems include: fuel oil unloading stations, transfer stations, metering stations, forwarding stations and LPG vaporizer systems.

Hot oil systems

Gaumer manufactures multi-zone high-capacity hot oil systems. Common industries that use these hot oil systems include refinery / petrochemical, plastics, coatings and automotive. Custom, standard and rental units are available.

Electric process heaters

Gaumer is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric process heaters and controls for hazardous locations. Solutions are available for all international markets. Gaumer’s electric process heaters are available as custom, standard or rental units.  

Power plant upgrades

Turbine efficiency and emission upgrades often require higher quality fuel gas.  Gaumer can quickly provide optimized systems to enable power plant upgrades.   Gaumer capabilities include in-house engineering, process simulation, design, manufacturing and field service.  

Fuel gas heaters

Gaumer has been the leading manufacturer of fuel gas heaters for over 20 years. Gaumer’s sales and engineering staff will design the perfect heating system for your application. Standard features of Gaumer’s fuel gas heaters include:

  • ASME coded and stamped chamber
  • All-welded construction
  • 100% hydrostatic tested
  • Over 200 nozzle arrangements as standard
  • Large selection of standard inlet and outlet size heating elements
  • Rugged design, high-temperature alloy material

Fuel gas filters

Gaumer specializes in high-efficiency fuel gas filters / coalescers for dry, low NOx gas turbine applications. Our fuel gas filters / coalescers use the latest technology for aerosol interception and particulate removal. In addition, our electric process heaters can be combined with scrubbers and filters / coalescers for a complete fuel gas conditioning system.

4kV heater

Founded in 1962, Gaumer Process is a leading manufacturer of engineered systems and electric industrial heaters for the power generation, refinery / petrochemical, and oil and gas industries worldwide. Innovations include world’s first 4kV (medium voltage – 4,160V) electric heaters for high-capacity applications. Solutions are provided according to all international rules and regulations. 

Gaumer Process

13616 Hempstead Road

Houston, TX 77040


United States of America