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Skanska Appoints AVK to Supply UPS System

Skanska RW have appointed AVK to supply them with their UPS package because of their ability to provide a system that retains its efficiency stability and state-of-the-art technology.

The AVK UPS series from AVK not only gives online equipment round the clock protection, but also offers a technically advanced and economic solution for the power supply requirements of modern data-processing equipment: excellent dynamic performance, integrated and fully rated internal static switches, high-quality industrial microprocessors and IGBT rectification means loads from 0.8 power factor inductive to 0.9 power factor capacitive can now be supported without derating. All these factors meant selecting AVK’s proven range of UPS systems was the right decision for SRW.

“We selected AVK as our UPS supplier mainly from their reputation within our company for completing the project to a high standard: we had used AVK on previous jobs for both UPS and generators and had received favourable reviews. We were happy when once again AVK completed this UPS contract for us within programme dates and performed very well in all aspects of the project. It is important for Skanska to get the UPS installation completed to a high standard and at a competitive price.”

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