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Caterpillar Unveils Next Generation of Olympian™ Diesel Generator Sets

Caterpillar is pleased to announce its newly redesigned package for Olympian™ generator sets rated 26kVA to 200kVA (at 50Hz) and 27kW to 175kW (at 60Hz). Improvements include more robust material construction, increased accessibility, state-of-the-art controls, and greater performance in warmer climates and at higher altitudes. These generator set packages are available from Cat® dealers outside of North America.

“We’ve conducted extensive global research to identify the enhancements most desirable to our generator set customers,” said Electric Power product manager, Robert Koval, Caterpillar Inc. “Over 100 key customer features were identified and evaluated to drive the re-design. Our product engineers are continually working to build value for our customers. This next generation Olympian is evidence of that commitment. The new packaging allows for more streamlined installation and servicing. Customers can expect more features standard, in addition to a wide range of configuration options.”

One of the most popular generator set options – and a major focus of the redesign – was the enclosure. Constructed of galvanized steel with durable powder-coated paint, it is built to withstand harsh environments, resistance to rusting and other effects from weathering. To prevent water ingress, it features a single piece roof and rain caps fitted with compression seals. Minimizing sound was another requirement critical to customers. The new enclosure is up to 3dBA quieter than previous models, as a result of the incorporation of sound absorbent materials and modifications to the airflow and exhaust systems.

To allow for easier installation, the configurations were standardized. There is now much less variation between models when it comes to access panels and option connection points. In addition, a lifting eye – capable of lifting the entire weight of the generator set (including
fuel) – was integrated into the design. Additional base-tank drag points were also added for convenience. The base frame has been extended past the enclosure to protect the enclosure from impact. In the event of any damage to the exterior, the surface is divided into modular panels (minimizing repair or replacement costs). Resilient corner posts were added to prevent denting when in motion or while stationary. With the new package, both the fuel line and fuel transfer system entry points are located on the same side to simplify installation and also improve maintenance efficiency.

As mentioned previously, the new package allows for greater capability in higher temperatures and altitudes. Better cooling efficiencies were achieved through radiator improvements and new air flow designs that reduce restrictions. To ensure a clean operating environment, a drip tray was incorporated to hold engine fluids. For easier operation and service, access points have been oversized without compromising sound attenuation or security. The doors are larger and have lift-off side hinges (removable at 45°).

A key upgrade affecting the day-to-day operation was co-location of the controller and electrical connection box, centralizing all electrical equipment. A full-length control panel offers complete access to wiring and circuit breakers while a dedicated space provides a clean, organized layout for all power connections and control terminations. Housed within the control panel is an analog controller (26kVA to 88kVA) or a digital controller (above 88kVA). The digital controller features an improved user interface that also provides advanced metering and protection technology with a convenient fault-reset button.

Many options, both new and retrofit, are available on the 26kVA to 200kVA Olympian 50Hz and 60Hz generator set packages. Please contact your local dealer for a complete list. If your power need is temporary, these newly redesigned packages are available as rental units.

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