Caterpillar Offers the 5,240-7,860kWe 50Hz Generator Set - Power Technology | Energy News and Market Analysis
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Caterpillar Offers the 5,240-7,860kWe 50Hz Generator Set

Caterpillar Power Generation Systems offers the 5,240kWe-7,860 kWe generator set in a 50Hz model. Powered by a six, seven, eight, or nine-cylinder Cat® CM43 engine, it delivers exceptional fuel economy, superior performance and maximum reliability.

Its modular design and integral construction reduce components by 40% compared to conventional designs, with fewer parts and higher reliability. With low fuel and oil consumption, the 50Hz model also features low maintenance requirements.

The 5,240kWe-7,860kWe 50Hz generator set experiences low performance reduction when operating at high elevations or temperatures and has excellent ramp rates, enabling rapid response to varying grid conditions. Modular auxiliary equipment allows for faster installation and easy expansion to take advantage of economies of scale when used in larger power plants.

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