Caterpillar Offers the 3.1MW/3.1MVA C175-16 Diesel Generator Set - Power Technology | Energy News and Market Analysis
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Caterpillar Offers the 3.1MW/3.1MVA C175-16 Diesel Generator Set

Caterpillar Inc. today announces the introduction of the C175-16 diesel package generator set for standby, prime and continuous applications. The generator set is available worldwide in 60Hz packages with ratings up to 3.1MW and 50Hz packages with ratings up to 3.1MVA. The Cat C175-16 generator set package was designed to offer a larger unit rating, higher power density, lower emissions and reduced installation costs. Meeting US EPA Tier 2 requirements, the new generator set addresses current and future needs of the worldwide electric power industry.

Unveiled in 2006, C175 diesel generator sets have successfully completed rigorous field reliability demonstrations in real-world applications spanning the globe. It has achieved more than 100,000h of proven reliability across all Caterpillar product lines, with over 60,000h in generator set applications. The C175 has been used for applications ranging from distributed generation to prime power for remote communities, industrial processing plants and rock crushing applications.

Darrin Heflin, engineering manager for the C175, said: “Our customers wanted more power in a smaller package. In today’s economic climates, customers expect their generator sets to deliver improved performance and low fuel consumption, while meeting future emissions regulations. Caterpillar’s answer is the C175, designed to provide a reliable, durable, easily serviceable generator set in a single solid package.”

Five key engine systems comprise the Cat C175-16: fuel system, electronics and controls, air system, cooling system, and lube system. Engineers incorporated significant input from Voice of Customer (VOC) market research into the design of the systems, allowing Caterpillar to deliver a world-class engine to customers seeking standby and prime power application solutions.

The C175-16’s fuel system utilises a high pressure fuel pump and control valve that deliver multiple precise injections within a single combustion event. This results in lower emissions, improved performance and reduced fuel consumption. Driven by the ADEM A4 controller, the C175-16 engine management system provides superior performance even in the most demanding environments. Both hard-wired control signals and redundant data links offer reliable control and communication between engine systems.

The air system delivers cooler combustion air at the cross-flow cylinder heads, allowing for higher power density and emission reduction. A new generation of turbochargers was designed for the C175, providing a 5% efficiency boost and longer life when compared to traditional turbochargers. A newly designed cooling system cools only the parts of the engine that require cooling, resulting in increased efficiency and lower heat rejection. This method of temperature control allows customers to reduce overall operating costs by using smaller radiators.

The lubrication system utilises Cat’s advanced high efficiency oil filters which provide a higher level of filtration efficiency while maintaining Cat’s superior capacity. By enhancing the lubrication system, the traditional 500h oil drain interval has been changed to 600h. It may be possible to extend even further with the use of Cat S.O.S Services. This will result in reduced maintenance expenditures and downtime.

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