Power-Generation and Energy-Saving Schemes

ENER-G House, Daniel Adamson Road, M50 1DT, Manchester,Other, United Kingdom

ENER-G House, Daniel Adamson Road, M50 1DT, Manchester,Other, United Kingdom

ENER-G develops, finances and delivers power generation and energy saving schemes, from the efficient generation of energy to the careful control of consumption. These schemes include combined heat and power (CHP) generation from biogas; efficient lighting; building energy management systems (BEMS); telecoms; metering; heat pump solutions (including ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, gas absorption heat pumps and water loop heat pumps); and energy from waste.

CHP systems and micro CHP systems

ENER-G’s CHP or cogeneration solution involves the design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance, and finance of CHP plants and complete energy centres. Since 1984 ENER-G has built and installed over 1,200 CHP systems worldwide.

Natural gas, biogas, diesel or diesel-fired CHP systems and micro CHP systems are available in a wide range of sizes from 4kW to 2MW, using the best available engines, such as MTU, Mercedes, Perkins, Caterpillar and MAN. To continue to meet customer needs and to strengthen its offering in the cogeneration sector, ENER-G has also entered into a technology partnership with Japanese manufacturer Yanmar and can now supply natural gas micro CHP units ranging in size from 4kWe to 25kWe.

Customer service is at the forefront of cogeneration operations, which is we offer standard and premium maintenance contracts for our CHP systems and micro CHP systems.

Monitoring and management systems for energy consumption

Our energy management business offers an integrated approach including consultancy, procurement and smart metering, as well as online energy and utilities data management systems that optimise energy consumption. The virtual energy manager system will put you in control of monitoring and managing your energy consumption. Using utility procurement baskets you can minimise your purchase price and risk. Just ask for a free appraisal by our energy purchasing team.

Energy efficiency and monitoring products for buildings

ENER-G has a range of energy efficiency and monitoring products and services for industrial and commercial buildings that can achieve energy cost savings and reduce your carbon footprint. Through online data management with remote monitoring metering, and using the virtual energy manager tool, businesses can optimise and manage their energy consumption.

Renewable energy heat pumps

The company also has a range of renewable energy heat pumps and solutions. We use advanced technology to harness energy absorbed by the earth to provide clean, sustainable energy for heating, cooling and hot water requirements. Our offering includes ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, water loop heat pumps and gas absorption heat pumps. The technology can deliver energy consumption reductions of up to 50%.

Biogas generators

ENER-G’s range of biogas generators turns harmful methane gases into green electricity across the globe — at landfill sites, mines and through anaerobic digestion. Our one-stop-shop offering includes the design and build, permitting and administration, operation and maintenance, commissioning, and sale of electricity. Financed projects mean no capital outlay by the customer but a continuous income in the form of royalty from the sale of electricity.

Advanced thermal conversion technology

Our advanced thermal conversion technology, ENERGOS, generates clean energy from waste, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to landfill. The small scale plants are capable of turning 40,000t-160,000t of municipal solid waste (MSW) or commercial waste into heat or electricity at high efficiency and with very low emissions. With 13 years of operational experience at plants in Norway, Germany and the UK, the technology is proven.

About ENER-G

To improve your building’s carbon footprint and ensure it complies with the latest regulations, our energy consultancy team can give you expert and impartial advice. ENER-G provides a complete end-to-end solution for all commercial and industrial energy requirements. Our sustainable and energy efficient technologies and services improve both cost and carbon performance.

ENER-G’s solid financial status and independence provides the freedom to finance capital projects to offer zero cost purchase options to customers with revenue generated via long-term energy purchase contracts.

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