Gencoeec designs, manufactures and markets brushless rotating generators to local, national and international markets.

Screen-protected self-cooling generators / alternators

Gencoeec offers screen-protected (IP21/23) self-cooling generators / alternators, with a power range of 2kVA-106kVA, 110VAC-480VAC one or three-phase 50Hz/60Hz, and two or four-pole 12VDC-220VDC.

The alternators have a modern design, and are very compact and robust, utilizing the highest class of winding insulation. They are supplied with an integral automatic electronic voltage control unit, which also provides overload protection. Gencoeec’s screen-protected self-cooling AC generators / alternators are compliant with IEC34 and NEMA specifications.

Standard and custom-designed diesel gensets

Gencoeec supplies the most compact alternators, which are manufactured with the greatest power-to-weight ratio. This is largely due to the special coupling design on the single-bearing construction, combined with production techniques to give the maximum winding copper in the laminations. The company designers can arrange to accommodate the customer’s most stringent technical requirements.

Gencoeec has a selection of alternators ready for dispatch.
Gencoeec provides alternators for water wheels, which are an eco-friendly use of waterpower.
Gencoeec generators for tractor PTO portable power for both standby and prime power use.
Gencoeec ensures back-up power is available at all times on narrow boats.
Gencoeec offers safe and secure alternators for hazardous environments, which ensure complete trust and reliability during day and night.

Special-speed alternators for water / steam turbines and water wheels

The governor speed control on water / steam turbines and water wheels are inherently subject to overspeed conditions. Gencoeec’s special-speed limiting restraints can ensure no damage will occur to the rotating components of the alternator during any duration of overspeeding.

Alternators for tractor PTO drives

Gencoeec supplies alternators for tractor PTO drives with a sealed integral speed reducing gearbox, which contains its own cooling and lubricating oil. The input speed offered is 430rpm with optional alternator speeds of 1,500rpm or 3,000rpm. This proven design is more efficient and robust than conventional belt drives.

Alternators for luxury marine vessels and narrow boat

With an increased demand for more sophisticated electrical power on board marine vessels and narrow boats, Gencoeec’s screen-protected self-cooling machines are manufactured with low magnetic and fan noise. In some cases, the drive is from the main propulsion engine.

CHP system alternators / automatic voltage regulator control systems

Alternators for CHP system applications need to have a reliable and robust construction with attention to automatic paralleling to the public supply, which is easily arranged with the Gencoeec selection of automatic voltage regulator (AVR) control systems.

Safe and secure power alternators

Gencoeec provides totally enclosed (IP54-65) zone 2 EExnIIA/B T3 self-cooled type alternators, which have a power range of 2kVA-200kVA, 110VAC-480VAC, one or three-phase 50Hz/60Hz, and two or four-pole 12VDC-165VDC .

Enclosed, self-cooled alternators for hazardous areas and offshore applications

Gencoeec’s totally enclosed, self-cooled alternators are certified for ATEX 3G hazardous areas (potentially explosive atmospheres) in high humidity/temperatures and saliferous conditions.

Gencoeec can provide specially designed alternators to suit individual customer requirements.