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UPS Systems and Services

Gutor Electronic has more than 45 years' experience providing uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for the oil and gas, petrochemicals, nuclear, power generation, mining, transport, desalination and chemical industries. The company's head office is in Wettingen, Switzerland. Gutor has been part of Schneider Electric since 2007.

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Gutor Electronic has more than 45 years’ experience providing uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for the oil and gas, petrochemicals, nuclear, power generation, mining, transport, desalination and chemical industries. The company’s head office is in Wettingen, Switzerland. Gutor has been part of Schneider Electric since 2007.

Customised UPS systems

At Schneider Electric, every step of a Gutor UPS system’s lifecycle, from pre-sales and design through final testing and after-sales service, is custom-tailored to meet your specific needs. Of course, at the centre of our service lies a Gutor UPS, recognised worldwide for its reliability, quality and ability to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Our customers choose Gutor secure power solutions for the Schneider Electric full solution approach. Schneider Electric has designed its Gutor UPS systems primarily to satisfy stringent industry requirements, such as:

  • Robust equipment that can withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • A high degree of customisation
  • Absolute reliability and the highest quality

Our Gutor UPS systems satisfy the strict safety requirements of our most demanding customers, including nuclear power plants. Gutor systems are qualified according to the IEEE standard as category 1E material, and often undergo seismic and environmental qualifications according to accepted procedures.

Gutor UPS systems include:

  • PxW: AC UPS system, single and three phase
  • PXP: industrial AC UPS with PFC rectifier
  • WxW: AC inverter system, single and three phase
  • SDC: rectifier / battery charger
  • Mxx: industrial AC and DC SMPS modular platform

Power protection technology

Schneider Electric designs and assembles high-quality power protection technology. This technology is applied to a range of industrial system solutions. All systems are built in accordance with national and international standards. Our products are built on experience, expertise and a careful attention to quality.

The Gutor product range is designed to serve industrial applications. Our approach is engineered to order (ETO), meaning every system is finely engineered and tailored to meet the explicit requirements of the project as specified by the customer.

UPS service

As one of the world’s leading UPS manufacturers, we not only focus on providing quality products but also make sure that customers can count on professional and comprehensive support. Particularly with regard to after-sales support, we attach great importance to dedicated and reliable customer service. Most importantly, we are committed to a reliable, long-term customer service, which includes:

  • Installation and commissioning
  • Spare parts
  • Updates and upgrades
  • Customer training
  • Battery and inspection service

Service contracts

A service contract is a formal, mutually agreed, binding contract between Schneider Electric and a client, in which Schneider Electric makes a commitment to provide services over a fixed time period, and at fixed rates / a yearly fee. These services include technical support, preventive maintenance and repair.

Battery replacement

Battery life varies between four and 20 years, depending on the type of battery, ambient conditions and degree of maintenance. Infrequent maintenance often leads to a shortened service life. Eventually, the battery bank will no longer be capable of supplying power to the load and must be replaced. The best way to detect weak batteries is to perform regular battery discharge tests, even on low-maintenance batteries.

Updates and upgrades

Gutor offers the following updates and upgrades:

  • Software update (to latest version)
  • Battery management system (BMS)
  • Individual battery cell monitoring
  • Individual battery cell charging
  • Weak battery cell early detection
  • Remote monitoring
  • Network management card (NMC)
  • Remote monitoring of UPS system
  • Remote troubleshooting and analysis

Spare parts

Spare parts are items of inventory that are used for the repair or replacement of failed or expired components, in order to ensure continued operation of the system. Spare parts fall under three major categories:

  • Start-up spares: fuses and parts recommended during commissioning
  • Critical spares: recommended for stock, essential for troubleshooting and repairs
  • Consumables: parts that have a limited operational life and must be replaced at specific intervals

UPS maintenance

Preventive maintenance entails essential services, performed to a regular schedule, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of UPS systems. This includes visual and functional checks made on the system and battery. It also necessitates the replacement of parts with a limited utility lifetime.

UPS installation

This process ensures the correct installation and functionality of UPS systems and batteries. The main tasks include visual inspection of UPS systems and batteries, a functional check of the UPS and a battery discharge test.

Customer training

Gutor UPS are designed according to individual customer needs. The technical staff who service these systems receive customised training, based on the specific requirements of the particular systems installed on-site.

Benefits of UPS maintenance

Maintaining your UPS will generally extend its service life and improve its reliability. During a Schneider Electric training course, you can learn best practices for maintaining and operating your UPS. Plus, our technical support team can handle a malfunction request and get you online faster if someone from your team is properly trained.

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