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Kirloskar Aims to Expand Into New Markets

Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd, India’s leading manufacturer of diesel engines, is set to undertake a significant expansion programme which will see the company increase its global sales four-fold over the next five years.

From its headquarters in Pune, India, Kirloskar is planning to launch a campaign with a view to conquering the three largest markets in the industry – the USA, Europe and China.

Often regarded as offering the largest range of products in the industry, with engines ranging from 2.2kW to 11,200kW, Kirloskar has already met with unprecedented levels of success in the domestic market, with engines being used in conjunction with over 80 different products. All in all, it is estimated that Kirloskar controls around 50% of the market in India.

Kirloskar’s unparalleled national success, however, has proved to be a double-edged sword, as Kirloskar general manager of strategic business Rajiv Bandivadekar explained: “In some sectors in India we have around a 55% share of the market, and to raise that by even 1% would require a Herculean effort. That is why we need to go global to achieve our goals and to increase the quantity of engines we supply to more OEMs in other countries and enhance our global presence.”

At the vanguard of Kirloskar’s market expansion are two of their most popular products – the liquid-cooled R1040 engines and the air-cooled HA series of engines.

The R1040 is specifically designed with heavy industrial use in mind, and with a unique beam-rod strengthened crankcase it can also perform heavy load-bearing capacities in conjunction with agricultural tractors and forklift trucks. The engine is available in two, three, four and six-cylinder models, and has a 12V electrical start, with the option to upgrade to 24V if required. The R1040 also incorporates an automatic shut-down function safety feature in the event of low oil pressure, over-speed and water overheating.

The HA engine is popular in a wide range of industrial applications, including power generation, earthmoving equipment and water pumps. Available in two, three, four and six-cylinder versions, the engine can operate at up to 850kW at 2,500rpm and features a piston that is continuously cooled by a built-in oil jet spray.

Like all of Kirloskar’s products, these R1040 and HA are designed with emission regulation in mind – all Kirloskar engines conform with Euro 2 and US EPA tier 2 emissions standards.

Due to peerless levels of efficiency and cost effectiveness, Kirloskar’s products have already made their mark on many European markets, and the company plans to use this success as a base from which to expand its business further into Europe and beyond. Mr Bandivadekar elaborated: “We are in talks with other new European and Chinese tractor makers, currently with a view to supplying engines to them as well. It is all part of our strategy to
significantly grow our business worldwide over the coming years.”

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