Unatrac, based in Slough, UK, is the export sales office for the Mantrac Group. The Mantrac Group is the official Caterpillar dealer for Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Iraq and West Siberia (Russia).

Unatrac can offer you direct export sales of all Caterpillar products and associated equipment, including power solutions from the power systems division. From small residential stand-by to large power stations, our expertise will give you peace of mind on specifying, purchasing, installation and turnkey applications.

Our offshore sales teams have considerable experience in their respective fields and take pride in the level of technical assistance available to you. By ensuring correct machine selection and providing parts and service solutions (either through the local dealership or via Unatrac in Slough), coupled with our handling of all the necessary customs and shipping formalities for export, we give the best possible tailored equipment packages for direct export customers.

Power generation systems

The Mantrac Group offers the exclusive line of CAT power-generation systems for all applications, with capacities ranging from 7.5kVA to 10,000kVA and several fuel options including diesel, heavy fuel oil and gas.

Unatrac’s line of CAT power generation systems are fuelled by diesel, heavy fuel oil or gas, and have outputs ranging from 7.5kVA to 10,000kVA
Unatrac’s experienced team of more than 50 technical professionals ensure customer requirements are matched by the Caterpillar product range.
Unatrac provides power plant turnkey installations and heat-recovery applications.
Unatrac’s generator rental service includes a full-range fleet of Olympian and CAT generators, which are fully serviced by expert mechanics.

Unatrac, as part of The Mantrac Group, is one of the biggest power generation caterpillar dealers in the world. This status has been earned through providing customer focused solutions with an experienced team of professionals. Unatrac can draw upon a technical team of more than 50 individuals, who are dedicated to matching customer requirements to the Caterpillar product range.

Power plant turnkey installations and heat-recovery

In addition to supplying generator sets, Unatrac specialises in power plant turnkey installations and heat-recovery applications. Our extensive capability includes engineering, design, testing, installation, on-site commissioning and training, as well as long-term service and support.

Electrical switchgear, control panels and sound enclosures

To complement Caterpillar’s superior engines, we supply quality electrical switchgear, control panels and sound enclosures, providing customers with a single, reliable source for all their power-generation needs.

Generator rental service

Unatrac provides rental solutions for your generator needs and has a full-range fleet of Olympian and CAT generators, which are available to meet all of your jobsite needs. Since our rental fleet comprises new or nearly-new generating sets, fully serviced by expert mechanics, it is ready to work and provide you with all your electric power requirements whenever and wherever you are.

Oil and gas generator sets

Experience gained as the Caterpillar dealer is Iraq, Nigeria and Siberia has provided Unatrac with unrivalled knowledge of the needs of the oil industry. Whatever your business – an oil major or a service provider to the industry – Unatrac can provide a comprehensive range of Cat engines for use in virtually all applications. We can offer the best engine for your specific application regardless of your production method or job scope.

Designed to burn crude, diesel or various field gases, our line of Cat engines – ranging from 50hp to 10,000hp and from 700rpm to 2,600rpm – coupled with our extensive services and long-term customer support agreements, can meet all your business needs.

Marine engines and power supplies

Mantrac offers customers a world-class product line of high and medium-speed engines for all types of ocean-going commercial and pleasure watercraft. In addition to the complete range of Cat marine engines (with outputs ranging from 11kW to 16,000kW) for propulsion and onboard power supplies, we also offer total solutions including transmission, stern gear and controls.

Industrial diesel and gas-powered engines

Wherever equipment is needed to pull, push, lift, dig, shake or pump, Mantrac has both diesel and gas-powered engines for use in all different applications in numerous industries.

The product range of Cat industrial engines, diesel-powered models from 20hp to 6,600hp (15kW to 4,925kW) and gas-powered models from 55hp to 3,530hp (41kW to 2,632kW), as well as the full line of Perkins diesel industrial engines, ranging from 13hp to 275hp (10kW to 205kW), is available in an arrangement that can meet your needs.