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ZS Zylinder-Service

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing and Repair for Coal Power

ZS Zylinder-Service (ZS) engineers hydraulic cylinders and machines, including aggregate and electrical control systems for coal plants.

Bruchweg 15,
46509 Germany

coal mining excavatorZS Zylinder-Service (ZS) engineers hydraulic cylinders and machines, including aggregate and electrical control systems for coal plants.

ZS specialises in the manufacturing, maintenance and emergency repair of all types of hydraulically operated cylinder systems such as those in coal mills, scrap presses, welding plants and steel work applications. Services are designed to meet individual customer needs across the power industry.

Cylinder solutions for energy and coal mining applications

ZS uses its technical expertise to develop hydraulic cylinders and repair more than 50,000 units for power, coal mining and other industries. The company’s cylinders have piston diameters of 200mm to 1,000mm and pressures of 180bar to 600bar.

Lathes are designed to fabricate metal parts with a maximum width of 1,600mm and length of 14m. The company hones interior pipe surfaces with a 200mm to 1,000mm width and 15m length. Round grinding is carried out with 400mm-diameter pieces and 8m-lengths.

When parts are larger than standard dimensions, ZS cooperates with qualified and reliable partners to meet specific client requirements.

Handling and production systems for cylinder development

The company has built state-of-the-art handling and manufacturing systems for individual cylinders, including a semi-automatic turning solution for welding, assembly pits and testing rigs.

ZS partners with companies in the Czech Republic and Germany to help carry out piston rod chroming services.

As an expert in cylinder fabrication, ZS has experience in vibration, fluctuating pressure, corrosion, sealing units, scrapers and guiding systems.

Durable hydraulic cylinders for power facilities

ZS determines exact environmental conditions of client applications to design and produce the hydraulic machines. This approach often leads to new solutions, saving time and money for the customer.

The company has manufactured durable cylinders for grinding rollers in coal mills and for use in scrap shears. It provides cylinders, aggregates and control units for steel construction in civil hydraulic engineering.

ZS systems are used in filter press applications, while some units provide pivoting piston capabilities for grinding mills. In addition, the company offers large pipe welding plant systems and grinding roller pullers for coal power facilities.

Hydraulic cylinders, aggregates and control units are supplied through one single source, making it easier for operators to manage the interface.

About Zylinder-Service

Zylinder-Service’s administration, sales, engineering and purchasing departments are based in Xanten, Lower Rhine, Germany.

The Xanten headquarters delivers maintenance services for all types of cylinders produced by ZS or other manufacturers.

The ZS Bohemia production plant is in Stupno, Czech Republic. Its relationship to the client and favourable manufacturing structures allow ZS to deliver quality products at competitive prices.

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