Jumbo Shipping has built a worldwide reputation for engineering a full range of equipment for heavy-lifting transportation. It serves a variety of markets, including the power generation, petrochemical and oil and gas industries.

Heavy-lift vessels for power-generation equipment

Jumbo operates a fleet of 12 dedicated heavy-lift vessels of in-house design that can be used to transport power-generation equipment. These vessels have lifting capacities of up to 1,800t and are manned by highly trained crews.

Founded in 1968, Jumbo Shipping is still a family-owned, independent company with a long-range vision for success. That success is driven by client satisfaction, long-term strategies and the notion that, in this highly specialised and complex field, trust and reliability are key. That is why we invest heavily in the continuous development of both staff and fleet and stick to our partnering mentality towards clients.

Flagships for power-generation equipment

Jumbo’s flagships are four J1800-Class vessels. At 13,000dwt each, these vessels have 1,800t lifting capacity, delivered by two 900t mast cranes. A large, flat, working deck (100m x 26m) and a spacious, adjustable cargo hold make them perfect for any project cargo.

Jumbo Shipping has built a worldwide reputation for engineering a full range of equipment for heavy-lifting transportation, including for power-generation equipment.
We provide heavy-lift vessels for power-generation equipment.
Jumbo's flagships for power-generation equipment are four J1800-Class vessels.
We also offer total transportation services for power-generation equipment.
Jumbo delivers every piece of power-generation equipment safely, efficiently and on time.

Their transit speed is 17kn and they can sail with open hatches. Despite their strength, the J-Class vessels have shallow draught and are essentially designed as small vessels (loa of 144m) in order to be able to work in almost any port in the world.

High load-moment flagships

A unique feature of our flagships for transport of power-generation equipment is their load moment. The four ships are able to lift 900t per crane at a 25m outreach, giving them a 22,500t/m load moment. This by far outstrips anything other vessels can currently offer. In addition, two of the J-Class vessels are outfitted with DP2-systems and can be used for over-boarding cargo at sea.

Total transportation services for power-generation equipment

As an extension to the shipment of heavy pieces, Jumbo offers the ‘Total Transport Solution’. In addition to the sea transportation of power-generation equipment, Jumbo is responsible for the pre and on-carriage of the cargo.

To support this concept, Jumbo’s fleet contains a flat-top offshore barge. With overall dimensions of 90m x 27m x 6m, and a 20t/m² deck load, the JB2 facilitates Jumbo to reach jetties with even less water depth than Jumbo’s shallow draught ships can reach.

QHSE for heavy-lift vessels

Working safely is always at the forefront of Jumbo’s methods and mentality. We approach QHSE with the same dedication and commitment as our other activities, even going beyond government regulations.

Jumbo Shipping runs a continuous safety campaign: Stay Well. This programme aims at safety awareness and incident prevention. Both ship crews and office staff follow courses at regular intervals at our head office in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Crewmembers also get safety updates on-board and attend training sessions on our in-house-designed dual crane simulator.

Our concern for safety starts at the bidding stage and plays a major role in all further stages of execution. Several departments (e.g. operations, engineering, QHSE and the commercial department) are involved in assessing the complexity of the task and identifying risks and dangers. A full project risk-assessment is carried out if the project is of sufficient complexity.

Stay Well intends to bring the highest standards of safety and quality into every single project. It ensures that safety awareness, incident prevention and striving for improvement are in Jumbo’s DNA.

About Jumbo

Jumbo Shipping has always remained anchored to its founding principles: passion and respect for the business, a pioneering spirit and genuine commitment to client and employee satisfaction. Its continuous efforts to innovate and improve ensure that the company is always one step ahead of the trends. From 10t to 1,800t and from fabrication yard to job site, Jumbo delivers every piece of cargo safely, efficiently and on time.

As a leading transportation and engineering company, we excel in providing safe, reliable and custom-made heavy transport and subsea installation services. At sea and on land, our main values are reliability, safety and high standards.