DWLS is a family-run business that provides UK and international heavy lifting management. The company has fulfilled many contracts both large and small – from machinery installations in southern Ireland to the erection of a 156m-high flare stack and risers in northern Egypt.

DWLS director Darron Wilson has gained a wealth of experience in heavy haulage, machinery removals and installations, heavy crane operating and lifting management during his 25+ years in the construction industry. The last 19 years have been dedicated to working within the crane industry.

Industrial lifting management services

DWLS’s industrial lifting management services include:

  • Contract lifting
  • Project management
  • Crane hire
  • Machinery removals and installations
  • Rigging services
  • Site surveys
  • Lifting gear hire

Heavy lifting management services

DWLS’s heavy lifting management services encompass:

DWLS provides UK and international heavy lifting management.
DWLS's industrial lifting management services include contract lifting and project management.
DWLS's heavy lifting management services encompass heavy lifting and offshore services.
DWLS has completed heavy lifting projects in the UK, Europe and North Africa.
DWLS has many qualifications relating to its heavy lifting management services.
  • Heavy lifting
  • Managers appointed persons
  • Lifting supervisors pts (rail)
  • Slingers / signallers
  • Riggers / erectors
  • Offshore services (UK and international)
  • Wind turbine erection services

Heavy lifting management projects

DWLS has completed heavy lifting projects in the UK, Europe and North Africa. Some examples include:

  • Delivery from Italy to Dundee and installation of a 74t transformer
  • Loading and transportation of 2 x 80t reels in Newcastle
  • Management erection and crane supply to build a new plant in Scunthorpe
  • Installation of 96t air box
  • Strip down of SEDCO 706 oil rig in Scotland and shipping to Singapore for refit
  • Installation of two 700t reactors at a petrochemical plant in Sweden

Recent projects completed by DWLS include work on Pembroke Power Station and Harwich Port. At Pembroke Power Station DWLS was contracted to build lifting frames that were attached to Ursig units and transported to the erection area tailed up vertical (stood up). The lift frames were then removed while upright and each 250t unit was lifted into the boiler houses using 1,200t and 750t mobile and crawler cranes. In total, 50 units were lifted and installed.

At Harwich Port DWLS was contracted to assist in the loading out of wind turbines from laydown areas on the dock site. They were transported to lift areas and loaded on to vessels for erection out at sea.

Industry qualifications for heavy lifting management

DWLS has many qualifications relevant to the crane industry. In October 2003 DWLS applied for Link Up Approval through network rail and was accepted in November 2003.

All DWLS personnel are Cpcs registered, safety passport registered, and offshore certified. DWLS is a member of the CPA London.